Proxies are hot topics right now, with the advent of Xrumer, Scrapebox, and the many other online marketing programs that utilize them, Good Luck Im Behind 7 Proxies 300x197 Best Proxy Reviewsnot to mention the non-IM uses for them such as school blocks for Facebook, YouTube and the like.

But do a search online for proxies and the task to get hooked up all of a sudden becomes very daunting.  Which proxy is the right one for the type of “activity” that you wish undertake?  Is there someone on that site to ask and, if so, are they going to give you a straight answer – in English?

Therein lies the rub.  We need a place that aggregates the information on Proxies – which ones to use for what purpose.  Then, once that’s settled, who to go to get the best service and the best deals.  That’s the aim of this site.   Plain and simple.

Will there be banners and affiliate links? Yes, there will (I’m a marketer and not doing this because I’m bored).  However, I do commit that EVERY proxy service (big, small, new, old) gets a fair shake in here regardless of whether they have an affiliate program or not and the “#1 Recommended Service” will NOT necessarily be the one that has the highest affiliate payout.  That would be a lucky break on my part, but not likely.

So, let’s get started with the no BS reviews and start tearing through this stuff.  Stay tuned for much more.  It’s going to be fantastic!

PinExt Best Proxy Reviews
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