A proxy service is service that makes someone anonymous while surfing the internet online. The service allows browsing the internet when hiding one’s information that websites can use to identify the person. It’s a strategy that allows browsers to hide their identity from the websites they are visiting..A server that uses a proxy can help users to surf anonymously on the web

A proxy service provides anonymous web surfing by disabling popup windows and cookies and hides the users IP address. They service normally uses a proxy server for processing each HTTP request. When a person requests for information from a particular site by typing a URL or clicking on a hyperlink, the service retrieves the information and displays it using their own server. The requested web page or the remote server gets information of the anonymous web surfing service instead of getting the user’s information. Websites being visited often gathers information like the type of OS the user is using and the type of browsing program that the user is using. Using anonymous services will help in hiding the details from the websites. The service works by putting a barrier between a user and the site they are visiting. Users who are monitored by their organization on their surfing ways often use this service to hide their details.

Proxy services are commonly used to hide the users information to enhance privacy or to help a user bypass a blocking application that would not allow access to a web page or part of it. The service can make a person feel more secure when surfing and prevent web pages from gathering one’s information that can be collected and used to tailor content for advertising to suit the user. Examples of search services include anonymizer and safe web.

Though the proxy services offer privacy and allow one to access blocked site, they come with limitations. The proxy servers have to first send the user’s information to their servers making surfing slow. Also the proxy tries to bypass software that is suspicious and this prevents some elements on the page from loading. Proxy servers can also be a security hazard when surfing since private information such as details of a credit card and passwords are sent using an external server which can be easily retrieved by someone else if the channel is not encrypted. Some add-ons like the flash player and java plug ins can reveal the users IP address even when they are browsing anonymously.

Users chose to use a proxy service if…

One lives abroad and the data they want to access is restricted to users in a certain country

The user wants to hide their information from being collected by web pages which use it for tailoring advertisements

The organization where the user works restricts access to certain websites which the user needs to access

The user wants to access classified information discreetly

Users using proxy services while surfing have many reasons to use the service and it all depends on the user

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