Craigslist is very popular for web earners. Because of this, lots of them are searching for the best proxy service that can provide them private proxies to ensure their safety.

Some Craigslist fanatics consider using two (2) proxy servers such as the Elite proxy and the Anonymous proxy. In reality, Elite proxy is a kind of Anonymous proxy. The only good thing about the Elite proxy is that it can really hide your used proxies and they can really provide you the private proxies you always wanted. Before we go any further, it’s important to note that these days you’re just not going to get very far in Craigslist with out PVAs (Phone Verified Accounts). If you aren’t starting off with those, don’t even worry about craigslist What Sorts of Proxies are Needed for Craigslist Posting?proxies, you’re already dead in the water.

For me, having an Elite proxy service is indeed better than Anonymous proxy. It is a very wrong thought that putting up an Elite proxy is difficult. What you only need is your own computer with an internet connection. You can always search for the blogs which offer free tutorials in putting up an Elite proxy. I am sure there are plenty of free resources out there. After learning all the basics about the Elite proxy, in just a few minutes, you will surely achieve your desired results with your private proxies. The tutorials about Elite proxy may be in the form of e-book, articles, or a video as long as it can provide you clear instructions.

In Craigslist, it is very essential for you to maintain private proxies to ensure the safety of your site and that your posts stick. If you are using an Elite proxy, worry no more. This proxy can provide you the highest level of anonymity. Don’t be blinded on the advertisements of some proxy providers that all of them are just the same. That is not true.

If you are after your privacy, stick with the Elite proxy. Aside form the fact that it can help you hide your used proxies, it can also provide you added services for your Craigslist posting.

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