Whenever the internal servers have to be hidden from the client because of security reasons, a reverse proxy server should be utilized. Either an application server or a web server can provide the proxy service needed. The reverse proxy server acts like a shield for server or servers in a network. When a request is made from the internet going to any of the servers, it passes via the proxy. The proxy in turn can deal directly on the request or send it over to various internet servers in the web. In which case, the proxy uses a load balancing. Thus, this makes the reverse proxy server the caretaker of in-bound web traffic to server or servers.

The following are the uses of reverse proxy server:

 Using the best proxy server protects server from malicious attacks, and strengthen the internal network. reverse proxy What is a Reverse Proxy Server?

 One of the proxy service provided by the reverse proxy server is being a server accelerator. When it is configured in handling the caching, the server’s workload will decrease.

 Concerning secured websites, there are instances that web server does not perform SSL encryption. Instead, it can be offloaded to the reverse proxy server with SSL acceleration hardware.

 The reverse proxy has the capability to distribute load to several servers connected in the network, which increases efficiency and minimize turnaround time. This is one way the best proxy can be identified.

 When a requested page is huge, the same can be generated and with the reverse proxy server, it can be feed little by little to the client.

 The response came from the server can be optimized and then compressed using the proxy server.

 With the proxy service, application firewall can protect from usual web-based attacks. However, in the absence of reverse proxy, the removal of malware can be difficult.

Reverse proxy servers are used commercially like aiCache, Apache HTTP Server, Traffic Server, CACHEbox, GoAnywhere Gateway and Lighttpd just to name a few. Users of the internet have to understand the way proxy works and the benefits of using them. The best proxy to be used is largely depending on the needs of the user.

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