Many internet users have benefited from the wide variety of information in the internet and most of them have made the internet their learning tool. However, browsing will only be possible if you use that best proxy and ensure the proxy servers are functioning as required.  A proxy is the concept used by proxy server to work on behalf another server to provide information, and other resources to the web user. To get the difference between a proxy and a proxy server, this article will deal with the issue separately.

About Proxies

This is the concept which allows a computer user to chat with friends on FaceBook and at the same time he or she will want to hop online anytime she or he wants unnoticed by any other user. There are a variety of proxies which you should know about and they include the following.

PHP Proxy – these is a type of proxy which uses a written script in PHP to get information from the available server and then ensure that it is available for the user whilst it protects the main server.

CGI proxy –  this type allows the internet user to use website to search for information on a certain URL. It will hide your IP address of your computer behind the site you are using. Hence, they are also used to unblock websites or search secretly.

HTTP proxy –  it is the commonly used type of proxy and works with the internet users effectively and reliably. It uses caching process and also stores the pages which have been opened. It is useful when it comes to improving the speed of accessing information online. They are also expensive to purchase and to set up.

Proxies  can be used in educational, corporate or library environment where lot of web content filtering is required and if you disable proxy there is no way you can connect LAN to internet servers.private proxy servers The Differences Between a Proxy and a Proxy Server

About proxy server

A Proxy server is the machine which accepts the information requested by website users and directs them to the location where he or she will access them easily. Proxy servers are the linking factor of the internet and they keep the computer and the web location server separate. They can also be used to prevent internet crimes by ensuring that surfing is safe and at the highest level. There are various types of proxy servers,

Transparent proxy server – it is a proxy server which the other computers about the IP address of your computer or the computer you are using.

Anonymous proxy server – this proxy server will not allow other computer to know the IP address of the computer which is using a certain proxy server to access information and make other requests.

Lastly, proxy servers are able to handle requests using some communication protocol and they should be proxy service enabled.

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