There are various reasons why you may want to have a personal proxy site. This could be for safety concerns when using public ones or maybe because of your desire to have a proxy business. This can give you a source of income. As such, you could be looking for the best proxy that you can use in your businesses. It is possible to do some research on the Internet and find anonymous proxies that you can download.

The best proxy sites are so many and there are various tools as well. Here when you request a website, it will directly go to the other proxy rather than another website; so a proxy server is good enough. There are lots of proxy sites available like anonymouse, cip-c, you are hidden, maximum proxy, the proxy bay, nr 1surf, better unblock, MySpace unblocker, bypass MySpace, proxy 108, top10 proxy, pinksocks, vgy7 and many more.

proxy hosting Proxy Hosting For Beginners

There are a lot of anonymous proxies that one can download and install on their local servers. However, many people are faced with the problem of finding where they can host their first proxy. For beginners, proxy hosting looks like a main challenge. This is because they have to deal with factors such as bandwidth, server types and the price. As such, knowing how to pick the best hosting services is very important.

Getting the best proxy hosting company

There are many hosting companies available for beginners. However, evaluating their services requires one to consider the following;

  • Bandwidth: Find out the traffic that is allowed every month. For a new proxy that expects about 100 to 300 visits per day, 50GB is appropriate.
  • Customer reviews: You should also consider customer reviews when looking for the best company. Find out what customers feel about the host. Find out their views about reliability and server uptime of the hosting company.
  • Price: You should also consider the posting fee charged by the company. Consider charges such as those of domain registration, set up cost, service charges, among others. You can also take advantage of any coupon codes that the company could be offering.

It is used for uploading and downloading the files, search engine optimization etc. There are lot many proxy tools which can be more useful like proxyfire, yvproxycacheman, aaa cc proxyserver, proxylist proxychecker, sniffer, netproxy, proxycap, proxy list proxy tool, ezproxy, elite http proxy etc. The advantage of a proxy is that you can access the web anonymously with an unknown IP address. Thus, these tools are very useful. There is a proxy site extension for Google chrome also. Some of the proxies can work for all kinds of sites. As it is directly connected to a proxy, browsing becomes slower. Some of the open proxies can be unsafe, not consistent and slow; so try to use good proxy sites which can give effective services.

Generally, beginners can get anonymous proxies and come up with quality proxy sites. They can then use a shared plan after carefully evaluating various hosting companies based on their bandwidth, policy and customer reviews among others. You need to consider the above points when looking for the best proxy hosting company.

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