Who doesn’t want something for nothing, right?  Well, free public proxies can be found all over the place.  They can give you a no free lunch 296x300 Downsides to Using Free Public Proxieschance to see what a proxy can do or just get into a blocked website without having to pay for it.  However, depending on your need for proxies the “freebies” aren’t going to get you very far.  Yes, I’m going to say it – “You get what you pay for!”

A big problem with free proxies is that they can be completely unreliable.  How many other people do you think are trying to use that same proxy server at the same time that you are?  A little suspicious perhaps that thousands of people are trying to login to Facebook, Craigslist or wherever from the same IP.

Security is also a concern.  Most free proxy services do have security measures in place but, what are you going to do if you are hacked or get a virus?  Complain?  It’s a free service!  ….and you assumed the risk by using it.    Also on the security front, you really don’t know who is running that proxy server that you’re using.  While the very large free sites are fine, like Proxify (no problem there), be very careful with small free proxy sites that just pop up out of nowhere.

Next, most large social network and other sites visited through proxies are well aware of such attempts and take measures to block those sites and/or cancel the accounts of those who try to access their services through proxies.  Yes, you can get in trouble with Paypal, EPN, and others if they suspect that your logging in through proxies,  so why would you do it through a free proxy that they obviously already know about?  Not a good idea.

Despite their “freeness” – public proxies are not always the best choice for anything other than a casual web surfer, certainly not an internet marketer.  As for which ones are the best choice, well that depends on what your needs are and which tools of the trade you are planning to use them for.   Tons of info on that here as well.

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