There are a number of proxy technologies available and people often fail to realize the best ones. There is a misconception that a best proxy can be useful as well as be equally harmful with lack of complete knowledge. This miscommunication regarding available proxy technologies on the web is surprising. If you tend to understand their working and significance, you can try to avoid what harmful aspects it may bring in.

Best proxy

The proxy is an intermediate system that is placed in between the websites and the user. If you are visiting certain websites and even just trying to bypass certain information or content on the websites, you are not aware that you are sending the data pertaining to this to the proxy server. Here comes the knowledge and the trust of the user towards the proxy server. Proxy servers are set up with a different perception of protecting access to some websites and restricting access to certain content on the web. Sometimes it is just done to regulate the visiting content of the user. An anonymous proxy server does reconstruct the content packets with different IP addresses for example. A hostile proxy is a server that tries to break into the content to use your information to the benefit of their own. The transparent type of proxy does not try to change and hide the addresses.

The best proxy server is a system that restricts the access to certain websites that are not supposed to be visited in context to breach of information and does not try to misuse the data that you send to them. The best proxy is even the one that gives security and even deletes your data with your trust towards them that their content is not in harmful hands. There are very few options available to the choice of a proxy server in the case of the environment you are in. it may be a catching proxy like in a school or a work environment which aims at restricting access and even tracking the usage.

Anonymous Proxy

Anonymous proxies are online proxies that allow you to access all sites which may be blocked by another proxy. It is safe as it does not try to misuse your data when you access the sites using this. The selection of an Anonymous proxy should be done carefully to not be cheated by some online proxy server. It uses your IP address effectively to not leave any history behind. it is not a way to view sites illegally, but in some types of environments even genuine websites are blocked for use. So to view and use them such Anonymous proxies come to be very handy. The technique used is duplication of IP in which re routing of request takes place so your original proxy takes it to be from another address allowing you to access sites virtually. The servers that offer the services of a proxy and let you access blocked websites are hence called Anonymous proxies.

The best proxy is very clear now and Anonymous proxies can act as best even in presence of a proxy service by your ISP (internet service provider)

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