SOCKets or SOCKS is a sort of IP (Internet Protocol) that acts as a gateway between a client (generally you) and a server.  SOCKS proxies have similar characteristics to HTTP proxies, but take it a step further in that they are able to redirect all traffic through any proxy which includes FTP, POP3 or email, Bit Torrents among others.

As a general rule, SOCKS are considered to be the best proxy because of their features and added security.  Chief among these, and blackhat 200x300 About SOCKS Proxies and Why Theyre Usedmost popular, their ability to provide you with complete anonymity.   These sorts of proxies will protect all of your traffic, including requests for DNS.   They are additionally considered to be the most flexible and stable proxies and can be used with just about any application.   Because of this, SOCKS are often used to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  SOCKS proxies can be chained together as well, adding an even deeper layer of protection and anonymity.

Many organizations will use SOCKS firewalls for such things as testing high-level user support and security.  Because SOCKS is flexible, it may be something that works with your applications, hardware, or even a group of suppliers that you are dealing with.

Why would you need these kinds of proxies?  Well, maybe you don’t.  Ask yourself a few simple questions before searching out SOCKS proxies and paying the extra ticket price for them, to ensure that you get the best proxy for your purposes.  What is your primary purpose for getting proxies?  Is it to gain multiple IP’s to avoid search engine bans or web 2.0 bans?  If that’s the case, you may be going too far by getting SOCKS.  Are you looking for complete anonymity to do “something”?  (I’m not even going to give examples).  If so, you may want to check these out.  As for Xrumer and Scrapebox, user’s opinions vary on this.  Some use SOCKS and others do just fine with HTTPS.   On that one, ask around and consult and your wallet as well, again, to grab the best proxy for your purposes..

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