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Proxies are hot topics right now, with the advent of Xrumer, Scrapebox, and the many other online marketing programs that utilize them, Good Luck Im Behind 7 Proxies 300x197 Best Proxy Reviewsnot to mention the non-IM uses for them such as school blocks for Facebook, YouTube and the like.

But do a search online for proxies and the task to get hooked up all of a sudden becomes very daunting.  Which proxy is the right one for the type of “activity” that you wish undertake?  Is there someone on that site to ask and, if so, are they going to give you a straight answer – in English?

Therein lies the rub.  We need a place that aggregates the information on Proxies – which ones to use for what purpose.  Then, once that’s settled, who to go to get the best service and the best deals.  That’s the aim of this site.   Plain and simple.

Will there be banners and affiliate links? Yes, there will (I’m a marketer and not doing this because I’m bored).  However, I do commit that EVERY proxy service (big, small, new, old) gets a fair shake in here regardless of whether they have an affiliate program or not and the “#1 Recommended Service” will NOT necessarily be the one that has the highest affiliate payout.  That would be a lucky break on my part, but not likely.

So, let’s get started with the no BS reviews and start tearing through this stuff.  Stay tuned for much more.  It’s going to be fantastic!

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SquidProxies Review

SquidProxies SquidProxies Review

Squid Proxies are a great deal and popular with the IMer’s.  If you’re looking exclusively for Scrapebox Proxies, this may be a fantastic place for you to check out! These guys specialize in Scrapebox and even have relationships with some of the Scrapebox forums out there.

Shared Private Proxies are in Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets, Nonsequential IPs and you get unlimited bandwidth.  Webmailing is allowed with Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail.  Prices for Shared start at $0.80/each, smallest package is 100 proxies – $80/month.

Private Proxies are same deal – Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets, Nonsequential IPs, Unlimited bandwidth. Webmailing allowed with Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail.  Prices for Dedicated start at $2.40/each, smallest package is 10 proxies – $24/month.

There are 6 U.S. Locations + Romania.  You are given a VIP Customer interface that will allow you to view/add/remove and modify your proxies and can switch your proxies to new ones once per month.   Obviously, you are fine to use these with Scrapebox and any Web 2.0 sites.  There are no specific exclusions for Xrumer use.  Craigslist is possible if you have a PVA account.  Squidproxies is a great proxy service that has an every-growing reputation for taking care of it’s customers.  That’s why they remain one of our top picks after several years.  Check them out and come back to share your review.

Update: Squid Proxies has given us a Discount Code for our readers that gives you  20% on any Proxy Service package – For LIFE!  This is a recurring discount and it tops any other discount you’ll find on the web – guaranteed!  This is still one of the best deals on private proxies on the net.   Grab it now!  Squid Proxies Discount Codetrix20

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YourPrivateProxy Review

YourPrivateProxy YourPrivateProxy Review offers a simplified subscription service of Dedicated Private Proxies.  If you are purchasing a package of multiple proxies, they will be located in multiple cities and on multiple subnets.  With a new account, you will be given a VIP user control panel.  You will be able to randomize and change your proxies, including their locations, with this control panel once per month.

Private Proxy packages start at $9.97/month for 1 IP.  A great thing about YourPrivateProxy is that there are no bandwidth limitations with the proxies and no additional configuration required from you after purchase.  They are simply ready to be used.  As for WHERE they can be used, the options are pretty good as well.  Scrapebox is definitely OK.  Xrumer is NOT.   The proxies from this provider are good to be used on “Phone Verified” Craigslist accounts, ebay, Reddit and other social sites.  They are not ok to be used for Mailing campaigns.

As for the review, gets top marks from many Scrapebox users for the quality and speed of their private proxies.  The feature that allows for monthly randomization and the lack of bandwidth constraints is also very popular.  If you’re looking for the cheapest private proxies, these aren’t it.  However, if you’re looking for quality and speed to get the optimum results with your software, YPP is where a lot of people end up.   Service has never been an issue with yourprivateproxy to date, however, if you are looking for Xrumer proxies you’ll have to skip this one.

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IPFreelyProxies Review

IPFreelyProxies IPFreelyProxies Review

IPFreelyProxies is a subscription proxy service for lists of Dedicated Private HTTP/HTTPS/FTP U.S. Proxies.  No Shared Proxies – All Proxies are Anonymous Elite Proxies and there are almost no restrictions on their use, other than scams, spam and anything illegal and, oh yes – Xrumer (sorry).

These proxies are NOT for emailing and their success with Craiglist is entirely up to you.  They work great for Scrapebox, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any other Web 2.0 application.  You can webmail with MailerKing and YMG on these proxies within reason.   Bandwidth is unmetered and IP’s are non-sequential and on multiple subnets.  You are able to refresh your proxies once per month.

The smallest package is 10 Proxies, Multiple Subnets, Daily webmail Limit 100, $23.50/month.    These guys have a fantastic reputation for service and quality in the IM community, particularly in some of the black hat forums where the SB users hang out.   If you are looking for some quality Scrapebox proxies, this is one to check out.

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Stealth Proxy Review

StealthProxy Stealth Proxy Review

Stealth Proxy offers a fantastic proxy service for those looking for Xrumer Proxies and proxies for uses that are restricted in so many of the other services.  With over 10 years in the business, they have a great rep in many of the forums and put out updated lists of over 2,000,000 unique IP’s each day.  Their database is updated 2-4 times daily.

These are shared resources among the other subscribers but you’ll find up to 50% working at any given time and are given a multitude of free tools to work with as a member.  Stealth Proxy also provides all of the proxy lists of their competitors, so it makes choosing a bit easier.   Proxies are from around the world, but a large percentage are U.S. and European.

Stealth Proxy has a free downloads section for subscribers to pull proxy checking software as well as proxy use tools for Socks proxies.  Proxies are delivered in standard format for easily dropping into programs like Scrapebox, Xrumer and Scrapeboard.  They are available for support via live chat and email.

If you’re looking for a proxy service that has little restrictions, this is your ticket.  They do have an End User Agreement (it’s not anarchy over there).  No illegal stuff, spamming, terrorism, you get the picture…

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Proxybonanza Review

ProxyBonanza Proxybonanza Review provides anonymous Socks5 and http protocol proxy lists via subscription basis.  You can either sign up for Shared Proxy IPs, where private proxies are shared amongst several customers or Dedicated Private Proxies where you have your own IPs.  Share IP plans start at $5.99/month for 8 IPs in 2 different C Classes, with 3 gb bandwidth.  Exclusive, or Dedicated, Proxies start at $9.99/month for 1 Dedicated IP with 10 gb bandwidth.

There are also International Proxies, which are all Shared.  Plans start at $6.99/month for 1 IP and 3 gb bandwidth.  Proxybonanza also has special discounts and will do custom packages upon request.   Account set up is instant so you can get started right away upon sign up.  The proxy lists from proxybonanza can potentially be used for Facebook, YouTube and Craigslist but there are no guarantees on this.  They only switch out the proxies every several months.  As of March 2010, Proxybonanza proxy service does NOT allow use of their proxies with Scrapebox or Xrumer.  Interestingly, a lot of people reach this site looking for a “Proxybonanza Review”, but few if any ever sign up with them.  I think it has a bit to do with the “Scrapebox thing”.    That, and you can find proxies without bandwidth limitations, cheaper elsewhere.

Proxybonanza has developed and released a Firefox add-on for proxy list management that allows subscribers to change/disable proxies with 1-click, import/export proxy lists and do auto-logins for proxy authentication, which is cool.  Finally, proxybonanza’s proxies are known for being high quality and very fast.  They are also very good about issuing a refund for unused bandwidth if requested.  The main downside here is the inability to use them for Scrapebox.

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RapidSocks Review

RapidSocks RapidSocks Review

RapidSocks is Cool for Xrumer! Hard to come by so thought we’d toss that out there first thing.  These are Socks4 and Socks5 IPs that rotate every 10 minutes.  Each Socks proxy can support up to 10 simultaneous connections and average speeds are 512 kbit/s.

Countries to choose from include: USA, CA, GB, FR, AU, DE. You can also opt to have just U.S. proxies.   They also offer a 24 test list of Socks proxies.  The private proxies also work with any PHP scripts with cURL and all popular browsers.

Rates are not cheap for these proxies, and are even more expensive if you want all U.S. Proxies.  You do have the option to pay by the day or week, however, if you just want to do some “blasts” so that may be worth taking a look at.  Proxy service monthly price for 50 proxies at a time is $250, if you want all U.S. Proxies $300.  Daily Price for something like this would be $15 and $20 respectively.

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Dank Proxies Review

DankProxies Dank Proxies Review

Dank Proxies provides subscription-based lists of both Shared and Dedicated Private Proxies.  Proxies are listed as “fully anonymous” and on “multiple datacenters” but there are no specifics as to how many datacenters they actually have.  If you hit the “Check Status” button on their homepage, it appears that they have 3 Datacenters.  The actual server status, however, never shows up.

Shared Private Proxies start in packs of 25 proxies, multiple cities, multiple subnets, at $29/month.  Dedicated Private Proxies start with 1 Proxy at $9/month and 5 Proxies at $19/month.   Clients are given a proxy changer tool software program that allows them to change their IP with the click of a button if using the proxies for web browsing purposes.  Bandwidth usage is listed as “fair use”, which again is vague.   IPs are not replaced monthly or at all.  If this is desired, a special license can be requested.

The TOS page for the site is non-functional (404) but Dank Proxies states that their proxies can be used for Craigslist and “scraping”.  There are no specific exclusions for Scrapebox or Xrumer on their site.  There are, however, numerous service and quality complaints about Dank Proxies on many forums from former unhappy customers.  If you decide to give this proxy service a shot, consider it just that – a trial run.  Let us know how it goes.

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Craigslist is very popular for web earners. Because of this, lots of them are searching for the best proxy service that can provide them private proxies to ensure their safety.

Some Craigslist fanatics consider using two (2) proxy servers such as the Elite proxy and the Anonymous proxy. In reality, Elite proxy is a kind of Anonymous proxy. The only good thing about the Elite proxy is that it can really hide your used proxies and they can really provide you the private proxies you always wanted. Before we go any further, it’s important to note that these days you’re just not going to get very far in Craigslist with out PVAs (Phone Verified Accounts). If you aren’t starting off with those, don’t even worry about craigslist What Sorts of Proxies are Needed for Craigslist Posting?proxies, you’re already dead in the water.

For me, having an Elite proxy service is indeed better than Anonymous proxy. It is a very wrong thought that putting up an Elite proxy is difficult. What you only need is your own computer with an internet connection. You can always search for the blogs which offer free tutorials in putting up an Elite proxy. I am sure there are plenty of free resources out there. After learning all the basics about the Elite proxy, in just a few minutes, you will surely achieve your desired results with your private proxies. The tutorials about Elite proxy may be in the form of e-book, articles, or a video as long as it can provide you clear instructions.

In Craigslist, it is very essential for you to maintain private proxies to ensure the safety of your site and that your posts stick. If you are using an Elite proxy, worry no more. This proxy can provide you the highest level of anonymity. Don’t be blinded on the advertisements of some proxy providers that all of them are just the same. That is not true.

If you are after your privacy, stick with the Elite proxy. Aside form the fact that it can help you hide your used proxies, it can also provide you added services for your Craigslist posting.

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What is a Reverse Proxy Server?

Whenever the internal servers have to be hidden from the client because of security reasons, a reverse proxy server should be utilized. Either an application server or a web server can provide the proxy service needed. The reverse proxy server acts like a shield for server or servers in a network. When a request is made from the internet going to any of the servers, it passes via the proxy. The proxy in turn can deal directly on the request or send it over to various internet servers in the web. In which case, the proxy uses a load balancing. Thus, this makes the reverse proxy server the caretaker of in-bound web traffic to server or servers.

The following are the uses of reverse proxy server:

 Using the best proxy server protects server from malicious attacks, and strengthen the internal network. reverse proxy What is a Reverse Proxy Server?

 One of the proxy service provided by the reverse proxy server is being a server accelerator. When it is configured in handling the caching, the server’s workload will decrease.

 Concerning secured websites, there are instances that web server does not perform SSL encryption. Instead, it can be offloaded to the reverse proxy server with SSL acceleration hardware.

 The reverse proxy has the capability to distribute load to several servers connected in the network, which increases efficiency and minimize turnaround time. This is one way the best proxy can be identified.

 When a requested page is huge, the same can be generated and with the reverse proxy server, it can be feed little by little to the client.

 The response came from the server can be optimized and then compressed using the proxy server.

 With the proxy service, application firewall can protect from usual web-based attacks. However, in the absence of reverse proxy, the removal of malware can be difficult.

Reverse proxy servers are used commercially like aiCache, Apache HTTP Server, Traffic Server, CACHEbox, GoAnywhere Gateway and Lighttpd just to name a few. Users of the internet have to understand the way proxy works and the benefits of using them. The best proxy to be used is largely depending on the needs of the user.

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What is a VPN and Why Would You Use One?

Virtual Private Network, a network technology capable of creating a secure network connection using a public network like the Internet or private network of a service provider. Private companies, educational institutions, and government agencies use VPNs through a proxy service to facilitate remote users to connect securely to private vpn works What is a VPN and Why Would You Use One?

  • A company operating with branches can easily communicate and share data using the VPN. Unlike the traditional way of exchanging information through couriers or facsimile, a VPN connects sites through a proxy service over a wide distance and scope. The system can be utilized in extending intranets worldwide in order to distribute mail, memorandum, news, and other information with a huge user base.
  • Educational institutions can adopt the proxy service of a VPN to be able to have connections with their campuses. This is advantageous to these institutions because their daily operations will not be limited by distance or time in communicating within their organization. Through VPNs with the best proxy, these campuses can go online and be able to transact conveniently as if they are located in the same area.
  • The offices of government agencies are spread throughout the country. With a VPN, these offices can be inter-connected utilizing a network. The facilitation of basic services will be fast and easy. In effect, the government can manage efficiently and deliver services to their constituents conveniently.
  • Individual users can be connected with different social networks to have constant contact with their families, friends and relatives. With the VPN, they can share information for updates and keeping in touch. InternetAccessVPN thumb What is a VPN and Why Would You Use One?

Virtual private network are an inexpensive way to build a private network. The Internet, as a best proxy communication channel is cost effective and a great alternative to leased private lines. The relative speed, ease, and flexibility provided by a VPN proxy service compared to leased lines would make it an ideal choice for companies and corporations.

The lack of quality of service management in the Internet may cause some performance issues on VPNs. This is one reason many corporations pay for trusted VPNs for their private network with a guarantee on quality of service. However, such disadvantages have not prevented the wide acceptance and utilization of the virtual private network technology.

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