So someone tells you that you need to get some “Private Proxies“, for whatever application you happen to be looking to use.  Off you go to get your private proxies and, holy crap, there’s even more than one kind of those!  Here’s the low down on that:

The main difference between Dedicated Private Proxies and Shared Private Proxies is how many users are accessing the same IP address. In Dedicated Private proxies only one user at a time (you) can be allowed to access proxy IP address. While in the case of Shared Proxies there are multiple users accessing the same proxy IP address.  But there are common  potential problems in shared Proxies, depending on what you plan to use them for:

  • Minimum order may be too high (100 IP’s – I do not need 100 IP addresses, I neeseohostingpic The Difference Between Dedicated Private Proxies and Shared Private Proxiesd MAX 10-20).
  • Sometimes shared proxies are being abused by all kinds of users and very large spaces include the entire range of IP addresses;
  • If someone else who is part of the proxy gets banned, you also also get banned.
  • The majority of providers do not allow proxy automation tools such as mass marketing tools or Scrapebox, Xrumer.
  • Some of the entries were so similar to each other (all IP addresses from the same town or region) that I really did not take a very unique spot in Google, Yahoo or Bing;

Due to above limitations of Shared Proxies you may prefer to buy Dedicated Private proxies. A dedicated Private proxy provides more features than Shared Proxies, but they also come at a higher price.

Features of Dedicated Private Proxies:

  • More Reliable than a shared list.  If you’re the only one using it, you control what goes through that IP.
  • There is no minimum order while shared proxies often have minimum orders of 100 IP addresses.private proxy servers 300x77 The Difference Between Dedicated Private Proxies and Shared Private Proxies
  • Totally anonymous proxies, while more often than not shared lists will be identifiable as “proxies”.
  • Very high speed compared to shared Proxies.
  • On demand location – A lot of times with Dedicated Private Proxies you have the option to pick the geographic location, such as the country, State and even down to the City.

In the end, these are both still “Private proxies” so you are much better off than a list that you pull off of a website that can be accessed by millions of people.  However, depending on your requirements, you may wish to pay the extra for the Dedicated proxies.  I personally use a Shared Private list for Scrapebox but that just isn’t going to work for applications like TweetAttacks or others that you can only enter in “1″ proxy for an account.  That single proxy has to be a good one and you don’t want to spend your valuable time on things like this.

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