ProxyBonanza Proxybonanza Review provides anonymous Socks5 and http protocol proxy lists via subscription basis.  You can either sign up for Shared Proxy IPs, where private proxies are shared amongst several customers or Dedicated Private Proxies where you have your own IPs.  Share IP plans start at $5.99/month for 8 IPs in 2 different C Classes, with 3 gb bandwidth.  Exclusive, or Dedicated, Proxies start at $9.99/month for 1 Dedicated IP with 10 gb bandwidth.

There are also International Proxies, which are all Shared.  Plans start at $6.99/month for 1 IP and 3 gb bandwidth.  Proxybonanza also has special discounts and will do custom packages upon request.   Account set up is instant so you can get started right away upon sign up.  The proxy lists from proxybonanza can potentially be used for Facebook, YouTube and Craigslist but there are no guarantees on this.  They only switch out the proxies every several months.  As of March 2010, Proxybonanza proxy service does NOT allow use of their proxies with Scrapebox or Xrumer.  Interestingly, a lot of people reach this site looking for a “Proxybonanza Review”, but few if any ever sign up with them.  I think it has a bit to do with the “Scrapebox thing”.    That, and you can find proxies without bandwidth limitations, cheaper elsewhere.

Proxybonanza has developed and released a Firefox add-on for proxy list management that allows subscribers to change/disable proxies with 1-click, import/export proxy lists and do auto-logins for proxy authentication, which is cool.  Finally, proxybonanza’s proxies are known for being high quality and very fast.  They are also very good about issuing a refund for unused bandwidth if requested.  The main downside here is the inability to use them for Scrapebox.

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