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LimeProxies Review

LimeProxies LimeProxies Review

LimeProxies provides private proxies for use with many social media sites and software applications.   They offer Private shared Proxies, Private Dedicated Proxies and International Proxies.  LimeProxies are not Socks5 proxies but are on multiple subnets and multiple geographic locations – 14+ locations.

Shared Proxies start in packs of 50 proxies, Covering 2 Cities, Multiple Subnets and IP Classes, at $60/month.  Private Dedicated Proxies start in Packs of 15 proxies, Covering 4 Cities, Multiple Subnets and IP Classes, at $49.97/month – or $30/month if paid by the quarter.  Limproxies proxy service offers a free IP replacement guarantee and guarantees speeds of 100 mbps.

Sites that are permitted for use with LimeProxies include: Facebook, Google, BBC, Craigslist and other Web 2.0 sites.  Scrapebox and Xrumer use are strictly prohibited, as is mass mailing campaigns.    Customers of LimeProxies are quite satisfied for the most part with speed and service and one of the sales points is that they only provide fresh “new” proxies to their customers.  There isn’t, however, a clause about being able to turnover and refresh your proxies monthly so, likely that would only come into play if you were to have one banned and then could get a replacement under their guarantee.

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RapidSocks Review

RapidSocks RapidSocks Review

RapidSocks is Cool for Xrumer! Hard to come by so thought we’d toss that out there first thing.  These are Socks4 and Socks5 IPs that rotate every 10 minutes.  Each Socks proxy can support up to 10 simultaneous connections and average speeds are 512 kbit/s.

Countries to choose from include: USA, CA, GB, FR, AU, DE. You can also opt to have just U.S. proxies.   They also offer a 24 test list of Socks proxies.  The private proxies also work with any PHP scripts with cURL and all popular browsers.

Rates are not cheap for these proxies, and are even more expensive if you want all U.S. Proxies.  You do have the option to pay by the day or week, however, if you just want to do some “blasts” so that may be worth taking a look at.  Proxy service monthly price for 50 proxies at a time is $250, if you want all U.S. Proxies $300.  Daily Price for something like this would be $15 and $20 respectively.

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How to Find Anonymous Proxies

There are a variety of reasons why you may be looking to find anonymous proxies.  When jumping online from anyplace in the world, you may be worried about your web activities being traced.  With your IP address, someone can determine almost precisely where you are geographically as well as gain information about the type of computer and browser that you are using.  anonymous proxies 293x300 How to Find Anonymous ProxiesScary, isn’t it?  It could go even further than that – with hackers gaining access to your personal files, passwords, and even banking records.

There are other reasons for wanting anonymous proxies, however.  Many internet marketers and researchers use them to spread out their search queries among many different IP’s so that their main IP doesn’t get banned by a website, or even Google.  Someone may also use anonymous proxies to submit various promotional materials to bookmarking and social media sites under different accounts and different “pen names”.   Finally, if you’re in a spot that has restricted your browsing access for whatever reason, an anonymous proxy would help you to get around that restriction.

So, now that we know why someone may wish to grab some anonymous proxies, what are they and how do we get them?   Anonymous proxies simply mean that nothing about YOU is being passed along to the final website that you are accessing to through the proxy server.  Not your name, IP, location, etc.  Obviously, the proxy server, and whoever owns it, is going to get some of that information (your IP) so you may want to check out who that is before using them, but if your goal is to keep “anonymous” from the sites that you are visiting, this is your ticket.

How you can find anonymous proxies?  Well, you can “google it’ – but you probably already knew that.   There is paid software that you get and install on your desktop that will assign you an IP and render you “anonymous”.  The only one that I can recommend for this is PrivateProxy by Privacy Partners because I’ve used it for a long time and know that it works flawlessly.  They also offer a risk-free trial.   Finally, you can look for software that will scan the net for you for free anonymous proxies.  This is an option but not always the best one.  Your computer’s resources will be kept busy with the scanning and the “free” anonymous proxies that it pulls out for you may or may not last long as others are doing the same thing.

Depending on your reasons for needing anonymous proxies, some of these methods may be better than others.  For casual surfing, an anonymous proxy site may do the trick.  To get around blocks and change your IP on a regular basis, anonymous proxy switching software may be better.  Give them a try and come back and share what’s working best for you and under what conditions.

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So someone tells you that you need to get some “Private Proxies“, for whatever application you happen to be looking to use.  Off you go to get your private proxies and, holy crap, there’s even more than one kind of those!  Here’s the low down on that:

The main difference between Dedicated Private Proxies and Shared Private Proxies is how many users are accessing the same IP address. In Dedicated Private proxies only one user at a time (you) can be allowed to access proxy IP address. While in the case of Shared Proxies there are multiple users accessing the same proxy IP address.  But there are common  potential problems in shared Proxies, depending on what you plan to use them for:

  • Minimum order may be too high (100 IP’s – I do not need 100 IP addresses, I neeseohostingpic The Difference Between Dedicated Private Proxies and Shared Private Proxiesd MAX 10-20).
  • Sometimes shared proxies are being abused by all kinds of users and very large spaces include the entire range of IP addresses;
  • If someone else who is part of the proxy gets banned, you also also get banned.
  • The majority of providers do not allow proxy automation tools such as mass marketing tools or Scrapebox, Xrumer.
  • Some of the entries were so similar to each other (all IP addresses from the same town or region) that I really did not take a very unique spot in Google, Yahoo or Bing;

Due to above limitations of Shared Proxies you may prefer to buy Dedicated Private proxies. A dedicated Private proxy provides more features than Shared Proxies, but they also come at a higher price.

Features of Dedicated Private Proxies:

  • More Reliable than a shared list.  If you’re the only one using it, you control what goes through that IP.
  • There is no minimum order while shared proxies often have minimum orders of 100 IP addresses.private proxy servers 300x77 The Difference Between Dedicated Private Proxies and Shared Private Proxies
  • Totally anonymous proxies, while more often than not shared lists will be identifiable as “proxies”.
  • Very high speed compared to shared Proxies.
  • On demand location – A lot of times with Dedicated Private Proxies you have the option to pick the geographic location, such as the country, State and even down to the City.

In the end, these are both still “Private proxies” so you are much better off than a list that you pull off of a website that can be accessed by millions of people.  However, depending on your requirements, you may wish to pay the extra for the Dedicated proxies.  I personally use a Shared Private list for Scrapebox but that just isn’t going to work for applications like TweetAttacks or others that you can only enter in “1″ proxy for an account.  That single proxy has to be a good one and you don’t want to spend your valuable time on things like this.

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About SOCKS Proxies and Why They’re Used

SOCKets or SOCKS is a sort of IP (Internet Protocol) that acts as a gateway between a client (generally you) and a server.  SOCKS proxies have similar characteristics to HTTP proxies, but take it a step further in that they are able to redirect all traffic through any proxy which includes FTP, POP3 or email, Bit Torrents among others.

As a general rule, SOCKS are considered to be the best proxy because of their features and added security.  Chief among these, and blackhat 200x300 About SOCKS Proxies and Why Theyre Usedmost popular, their ability to provide you with complete anonymity.   These sorts of proxies will protect all of your traffic, including requests for DNS.   They are additionally considered to be the most flexible and stable proxies and can be used with just about any application.   Because of this, SOCKS are often used to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  SOCKS proxies can be chained together as well, adding an even deeper layer of protection and anonymity.

Many organizations will use SOCKS firewalls for such things as testing high-level user support and security.  Because SOCKS is flexible, it may be something that works with your applications, hardware, or even a group of suppliers that you are dealing with.

Why would you need these kinds of proxies?  Well, maybe you don’t.  Ask yourself a few simple questions before searching out SOCKS proxies and paying the extra ticket price for them, to ensure that you get the best proxy for your purposes.  What is your primary purpose for getting proxies?  Is it to gain multiple IP’s to avoid search engine bans or web 2.0 bans?  If that’s the case, you may be going too far by getting SOCKS.  Are you looking for complete anonymity to do “something”?  (I’m not even going to give examples).  If so, you may want to check these out.  As for Xrumer and Scrapebox, user’s opinions vary on this.  Some use SOCKS and others do just fine with HTTPS.   On that one, ask around and consult and your wallet as well, again, to grab the best proxy for your purposes..

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Proxies for ScrapeBox and Xrumer

ScrapeBox has become an essential tool for many marketers to harvest url’s with ease, something that used to be very time consuming and tedious.  Loaded with features, Scrapebox is not only a great tool for researching competitors, products, ascrape box 300x58 Proxies for ScrapeBox and Xrumernd scraping url’s, it is also used for commenting on blogs, pinging and quite a few other things.

Most would agree that ScrapeBox can be used for both Whitehat and Blackhat SEO purposes and, regardless of which path you choose, proxies are needed to make full use of this tool.  Pinging, harvesting and RSS feeds can be run with 20 threads running simultaneously and if you think you can get away with this, even with pure intentions, with your 1 little IP you’re nuts.

Xrumer, on the other hand, is considered a purely Black Hat tool that spams txrumer 300x107 Proxies for ScrapeBox and Xrumerhe net with forum posts and forum profile links (among other things) in an effort to get mass backlinks to a targeted site.  Clearly some pretty awesome private proxies would be needed for Xrumer – we’re talking Socks5 here.  They need to ideally be private, not shared, fast and not have bandwidth limitations on them – they’d need to be from a proxy service.

When looking for ScrapeBox proxies and Xrumer proxies, most people will try to go cheap (read “free”) when they first start. I know I did.  What you’ll find with free proxies, even a decent source of free proxies, is that your success rate in scraping and posting is going to be very very low because so many other people are using the same proxies and those suckers are banned EVERYWHERE (can you say “Askimet”?).  So, as the saying goes, “time is money”.  You’re really shelling out some cash by opting for the freebies.

A few things to look for in signing up for your Private Proxy service for ScrapeBox or Xrumer. Consider whether you want to go “Shared or Dedicated”.  Shared is cheaper and may be fine for many – it is for me.  Specifically, however, look at how often you’ll be able to turn over the proxies (once a month is good), if they are geographically distributed, and on multiple subnets.  There are plenty of choices for ScrapeBox – Squidproxies is a top choice.  YourPrivateProxy is good as well.   For Xrumer, you will need to dig a bit and perhaps read between the lines with some of the proxy service providers.

Of course, the best source is always going to be customer reviews so don’t forget to leave yours.  We’d appreciate it!

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What are the Different Kinds of Proxies?

Many folks have no idea what a proxy is.  Let’s start there – A proxy or proxy service allows an internet user to visit other internet sites that have free web proxies What are the Different Kinds of Proxies?been blocked by a filter OR it allows an internet user to browse the web anonymously, not leaking any clues about their identity or location.  Proxies act as bridges between the user (you) and the internet, or the sites that you wish to view.  Depending on your purposes for using proxies, there are different kinds that may be better to use than others.  So, what are those different kinds of proxies?

Anonymous proxies are one type that also have several within it – Socks4 and Socks5 Proxies, Http Elite and Http Distorting Proxies. The difference between Elite and Distorting proxies is the method used to visit sites anonymously.

Socks proxies transfer data are usually the most sought after and, hence the most expensive because they are the most secure.  Socks proxies actually transfer the data of the user to the server without accessing the contents of the data.  There are two imagesproxies What are the Different Kinds of Proxies?different versions of Socks Proxies, Socks4 and Socks5.  Socks5 is a more advanced protocol that uses authentication, supports UDP (User Datagram Protocol) proxy and, DNS requests are sent through the proxy server.

Finally, it is not just the type of the proxy service that you need to concern yourself with but in what form you will be getting it, or accessing it.  If you are looking to use proxies for secure or anonymous web browsing or trying to get past web filters, a web-based proxy service would be in order.  However, if you are looking for private proxies to use for software applications, such as Scrapebox or other marketing app’s, you’d want a list service subscription where you are given the actual proxy lists to drop into your applications.

Though there are different kinds of proxies, you can always decide which is best for you to hide your IP address or keep you from getting banned by the search engines for running too many scripts in succession.   Quality, speed and success rate are going to vary widely depending on what types of proxies you use and where you get them from.  This is why you need to do your homework, make sure you’re using the right ones, and then get them from the right place so that you have the best proxy for your specific needs.

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