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What are the Different Kinds of Proxies?

Many folks have no idea what a proxy is.  Let’s start there – A proxy or proxy service allows an internet user to visit other internet sites that have free web proxies What are the Different Kinds of Proxies?been blocked by a filter OR it allows an internet user to browse the web anonymously, not leaking any clues about their identity or location.  Proxies act as bridges between the user (you) and the internet, or the sites that you wish to view.  Depending on your purposes for using proxies, there are different kinds that may be better to use than others.  So, what are those different kinds of proxies?

Anonymous proxies are one type that also have several within it – Socks4 and Socks5 Proxies, Http Elite and Http Distorting Proxies. The difference between Elite and Distorting proxies is the method used to visit sites anonymously.

Socks proxies transfer data are usually the most sought after and, hence the most expensive because they are the most secure.  Socks proxies actually transfer the data of the user to the server without accessing the contents of the data.  There are two imagesproxies What are the Different Kinds of Proxies?different versions of Socks Proxies, Socks4 and Socks5.  Socks5 is a more advanced protocol that uses authentication, supports UDP (User Datagram Protocol) proxy and, DNS requests are sent through the proxy server.

Finally, it is not just the type of the proxy service that you need to concern yourself with but in what form you will be getting it, or accessing it.  If you are looking to use proxies for secure or anonymous web browsing or trying to get past web filters, a web-based proxy service would be in order.  However, if you are looking for private proxies to use for software applications, such as Scrapebox or other marketing app’s, you’d want a list service subscription where you are given the actual proxy lists to drop into your applications.

Though there are different kinds of proxies, you can always decide which is best for you to hide your IP address or keep you from getting banned by the search engines for running too many scripts in succession.   Quality, speed and success rate are going to vary widely depending on what types of proxies you use and where you get them from.  This is why you need to do your homework, make sure you’re using the right ones, and then get them from the right place so that you have the best proxy for your specific needs.

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SEO-Proxies Review

SEO Proxies SEO Proxies Review

SEO-Proxies sells only Dedicated HTTP/HTTPS and Socks Private proxies that are all U.S.-based.  Using their unique web tool, you are able to switch your proxies and proxy type (HTTP(s) to Socks) with the click of a button.  Their API is generally integrated with your web browser (Firefox only) and these proxies do NOT come in list format, although this is promised in the future.  This means that these are not the sort of proxies that you can drop into one of your software applications.

The proxies are high speed (100 megabit) and are considered to be “Elite”, meaning that your IP address is not sent in the HTTP headers so the destination webserver cannot tell that you are coming in through a proxy.  Bandwidth is considered “fair use” and is not to be abused.  Craigslist posting is generally fine if you have a PVA.

The service is great for anonymous surfing and web 2.0.  It cannot be used for mailing, Xrumer or Scrapebox.  The smallest license offered is 1 Proxy at $9.99/month.  10 Proxies are $59.99/month. They do have a free 30 minute license to test the services.

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