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EZProxies.com is a newer provider of both shared and private proxies that are able to be used for Scrapebox, among many other popular IM and anonymous surfing applications.  The proxies here are HTTP/HTTPS and are available from multiple cities in the U.S., but does not list how many or what those cities are.  There are also International Proxies available from European cities but, again, not sure which ones or how many.  Appears this is a service that they are still developing.

The proxies from EZ Proxies are affordable, however.   The Shared Proxies start in packages of 50 proxies as the lowest number at $50/month and the cost per proxy goes down as you order larger packages.  The Private proxies start in packages of 10 private proxies for $25/month and, again, the cost per proxy will go down significantly as you order larger packages – as low as $1.00/ per private proxy.

Proxies are locked to your IP address via a control panel as is common with most proxy sellers now.   The proxies from EZ Proxies are ok to be used for Scrapebox and most other IM programs, as well as social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  You can email with these proxies only through sites such as gmail, yahoo and hotmail, but not through an SMTP-based port.  EZ Proxies takes all major credit cards as well as Paypal and activates accounts within 12 hours of sign up, but usually much quicker.

Others have found these to be a very good choice for Scrapebox proxies and they even have an attractive discount code that gets you a significant discount starting out.  Unfortunately, I have not and have had to come in here and revise my initial review.  I gave these guys a shot and they blew it on so many fronts I don’t know where to start.  I placed a new order for 10 private proxies around 9 am in the morning and didn’t get proxies delivered until about 12 hours later.  I know what the terms say, but jeez – when most people order proxies, they’re looking to use them in the near future.  When I placed the order, I was very specific about needing to use the proxies for Twitter.  Upon setting up my 10 proxies, it took not 5 minutes but about 50 for them to lock to my IP address and become usable.  Then, only 8 of the 10 were live proxies – 2 dead out of the gate.   Finally, of the 8 Live proxies I was given, not 1 single one of them would allow me to connect to Twitter.com.   I have no idea what else these proxies are good for but they’re worth about a shit sandwich for me.

So, that’s my experience with EZ Proxies.  Appears that these guys work about 1-2 hours a day and that would be in the evening U.S. time.   I have no idea whether or not I’ll get my money back from these guys but it was actually almost worth the lost investment to get a solid warning out there.   Now, I may be wrong (it happens a lot) – So, if you are an ecstatic customer of EZ Proxies (not the owner, owner’s girlfriend or other interested party…don’t even try it), please hit the comment button and give us a review and, in time, these guys can perhaps redeem themselves.    Not looking good right now, though.   As I am a marketer, I’ll always give you a link to check them out anyway (below).

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