Best Proxy and VPN Review

Best Proxy and VPN are a new(er) private proxies and  VPN provider that deals in exclusive private proxies and VPN service.

Private Proxies are http and socks proxies – Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets, Nonsequential IPs, There are 8 International IP Locations and 8 U.S. locations.   Unlimited bandwidth. Webmailing allowed with Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail but not on Port 80.  Prices for Dedicated start at $3.72/each, smallest package is 1 proxy per month, going up to 6 per month for $23/month.  There are subscriptions as large as 1000 proxies per month, weekly proxy subscriptions and even a special “gamers proxies” packages.  Monthly VPN accounts start at just $5.97.

You are given a VIP Customer interface that will allow you to view/add/remove and modify your proxies and can switch your proxies to new ones once per month.   Obviously, you are fine to use these with Scrapebox and any Web 2.0 sites.  There are no specific exclusions for Xrumer use although they will close your account for any “abuse complaints”.  Craigslist is possible if you have a PVA account.

Best  Proxy and VPN sets up new accounts very quickly, usually within 30 minutes.  They also have excellent support and a great library of tutorials for it’s clients.  Customers are eligible to “Double Their Proxies” by submitting a video tutorial to add to their library. Check them out and come back to share your review.


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