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BuyProxies Review is a very cool newer private proxy provider that caters to the IM crowd, and those of us with our automation toys in particular.

What makes them unique is that they’re funny as shit and have absolutely NO restrictions on the use of their proxies.   Nope – not a typo.  No restrictions.   Buy your monthly private proxies, dedicated or semi-dedicated and then have at it.

Appears they got their start on Fiverr and have been just killing it there and so have now set up a site where you can have your account, place your orders, submit service tickets, and become an affiliate (naturally).    You can place orders for as little as 5 Dedicated Proxies per month or even 5 Semi-Dedicated Proxies, starting at just $5/month.  The semi-dedicated accounts are shared by no more than 3 people.

All proxies are HTTP proxies and you can request U.S., Europe, etc.   The accounts come with private proxies on multiple subnets and that # depends on the package that you purchase.  Proxies are run off of their servers – not sub’d out, and these guys have earned a rep for having lighting fast proxies!  I did purchase a package to test and they are, indeed great proxies.   Tested with my private proxies from Squid, they all ended up about in the middle of the pack with response time from 900ms-2650ms. are definitely worth checking out, particularly if you are hampered by the TOS restrictions of most of the other proxy providers.   After you give them a whirl, don’t forget to come back here and share your review.

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IPFreelyProxies Review

IPFreelyProxies IPFreelyProxies Review

IPFreelyProxies is a subscription proxy service for lists of Dedicated Private HTTP/HTTPS/FTP U.S. Proxies.  No Shared Proxies – All Proxies are Anonymous Elite Proxies and there are almost no restrictions on their use, other than scams, spam and anything illegal and, oh yes – Xrumer (sorry).

These proxies are NOT for emailing and their success with Craiglist is entirely up to you.  They work great for Scrapebox, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any other Web 2.0 application.  You can webmail with MailerKing and YMG on these proxies within reason.   Bandwidth is unmetered and IP’s are non-sequential and on multiple subnets.  You are able to refresh your proxies once per month.

The smallest package is 10 Proxies, Multiple Subnets, Daily webmail Limit 100, $23.50/month.    These guys have a fantastic reputation for service and quality in the IM community, particularly in some of the black hat forums where the SB users hang out.   If you are looking for some quality Scrapebox proxies, this is one to check out.

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AnonymousProxies Review

anon proxies AnonymousProxies Review provides both Private Proxies and VPNs.   Connections are fully anonymous and 99% service uptime is guaranteed.  There are no shared proxies here.

The private proxies from AnonymousProxies start at $2.50/each but are quickly discounted on a sliding scale from 5%-30% based on volume of proxies purchased.   Proxies with this proxy service have only a few restrictions on use – no spam, illegal use, and they are blocked from use with Torrents, Gmail Account Creation/Access, Xrumer and  There are no provisions specifically restricting their use with Scrapebox.  VPNs start at $5.00/each per month but also are discounted per a sliding scale from 5%-30$ based on volume.  VPNs are restricted from use with Torrents only.

Proxies are http/https protocol and you have the ability to chose the proxies by city, state and country when you sign up. There are currently 12 U.S. Datacenters, 1 in Canada, 1 UK and 1 in Germany.   Proxies can be refreshed once per month and bandwidth is unlimited.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee however, it doesn’t apply if you’ve been using the proxies.

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Proxy Pimp Review

proxypimp Proxy Pimp Review is great new(er) provider of fully anonymous private proxies that can be used for a variety of functions – Including Scrapebox Proxies.  They boast a lightning fast approval and activation system that gets you up and running quickly (no one likes waiting) and they provide 24/7 customer support.

ALL proxies from Proxypimp come with unmetered bandwidth – no restrictions and you do not need to do anything to configure your proxies to be ready to go.   Proxies are 100% anonymous, multiple cities, mult subnets, and are offered through the following datacenters:  New York, Seattle, Frankfurt and coming soon in Chicago and the UK.    These are HTTP/HTTPS proxies with a 99.9% uptime guarantee with packages starting at 1 Proxy to over 100 proxies per month.  Obviously, the more you order, the cheaper each proxy is going to be.

So, we’ve hit all the high points and these guys are getting some good business and attention so far.  But, what can’t you do with ProxyPimp and what are the limitations?     Well, there are a few – No Paypal, STMP or Webmailing,  and Xrumer.  Also, there is not the ability to switch IPs monthly as some other services have.  Finally, the payment set-ups aren’t subscription based.  Meaning, you will receive a reminder before your proxies expire for the month and, if you don’t renew them with a new payment, they’ll be deleted from your account.  If you wanted new IPs, you could allow your proxies to expire and just place a new order monthly.

As for what you CAN do with the proxies, there is plenty and the service does have a lot of value.  If you had given ProxyPimp a look before and saw their restriction on Scrapebox Posting, look again now – it’s been lifted.   You may use their proxies with Scrapebox for Scraping and Posting now (good deal!).  You can use these with YouTube, Facebook and most any Application or browser (aside from the software already mentioned).  You CAN use these for Craigslist posting.

The payment forms accepted are numerous (listed above), so it’s unlikely you’d be unable to find a way to pay these guys.  Finally, they do and they don’t offer a money back guarantee.  They state that there are no refunds on service, HOWEVER – if you sign up and find that the proxies are “unusable” for your purposes within the first 3 days, they will give you your money back.

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Stealth Proxy Review

StealthProxy Stealth Proxy Review

Stealth Proxy offers a fantastic proxy service for those looking for Xrumer Proxies and proxies for uses that are restricted in so many of the other services.  With over 10 years in the business, they have a great rep in many of the forums and put out updated lists of over 2,000,000 unique IP’s each day.  Their database is updated 2-4 times daily.

These are shared resources among the other subscribers but you’ll find up to 50% working at any given time and are given a multitude of free tools to work with as a member.  Stealth Proxy also provides all of the proxy lists of their competitors, so it makes choosing a bit easier.   Proxies are from around the world, but a large percentage are U.S. and European.

Stealth Proxy has a free downloads section for subscribers to pull proxy checking software as well as proxy use tools for Socks proxies.  Proxies are delivered in standard format for easily dropping into programs like Scrapebox, Xrumer and Scrapeboard.  They are available for support via live chat and email.

If you’re looking for a proxy service that has little restrictions, this is your ticket.  They do have an End User Agreement (it’s not anarchy over there).  No illegal stuff, spamming, terrorism, you get the picture…

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CheapPrivateProxy Review

CheapPrivateProxy CheapPrivateProxy Review

CheapPrivateProxy is a proxy service that specializes in only http private proxy subscriptions.  Proxies are 100% anonymous proxies, secure and fast, set up on dedicated servers.

I tried out the service for 30 days, with 10 Private proxies.  The back office set up is similar to most wherein you lock you assigned IPs to your home IP, and you are allowed up to 3 IPs per order to use for locking.  The IPs that I was given were all in the same city, Chicago, but were spread out on 3 subnets.  For the most part, they worked fine but I did manage to get several of them blocked when I used them in Scrapebox for linkchecking.

As far as what you are able to use CheapPrivateProxy IPs for, some things are clear and others aren’t.  Social networking, browsing, and webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL) are ok but there are daily limits on webmailing.  Online classifieds (CL) posting is ok as well.  Based on the language in the terms, you clearly cannot use these with Xrumer even though it doesn’t say that specifically.  Finally, it appears that you can use these with Scrapebox but they don’t say so either way.  In fact, I came upon this provider through a mention in a forum about Scrapebox proxies.

As far as pricing goes, they obviously get cheaper the larger the package you purchase.  You can start with 1 proxy for $9.95, 10 for $19.95, and 100 is a great deal at $160/month.  While the home page states that the proxies have “unlimited bandwidth”, this is only true on packages of 50 proxies and up.  Smaller than that have bandwidth limits on them.

Activation is instant.  There is nothing in the support section, back office or home page that shows me that I can switch out my proxies at any interval, monthly or otherwise so I’m not sure about that.  Also the support knowledgebase is still a bit sparse and several of the articles are going to 404 pages.   There are cost benefits here and the proxies do work for many purposes.  If you check out CheapPrivateProxy and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!

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EZ Proxies Review

ezproxies EZ Proxies Review is a newer provider of both shared and private proxies that are able to be used for Scrapebox, among many other popular IM and anonymous surfing applications.  The proxies here are HTTP/HTTPS and are available from multiple cities in the U.S., but does not list how many or what those cities are.  There are also International Proxies available from European cities but, again, not sure which ones or how many.  Appears this is a service that they are still developing.

The proxies from EZ Proxies are affordable, however.   The Shared Proxies start in packages of 50 proxies as the lowest number at $50/month and the cost per proxy goes down as you order larger packages.  The Private proxies start in packages of 10 private proxies for $25/month and, again, the cost per proxy will go down significantly as you order larger packages – as low as $1.00/ per private proxy.

Proxies are locked to your IP address via a control panel as is common with most proxy sellers now.   The proxies from EZ Proxies are ok to be used for Scrapebox and most other IM programs, as well as social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  You can email with these proxies only through sites such as gmail, yahoo and hotmail, but not through an SMTP-based port.  EZ Proxies takes all major credit cards as well as Paypal and activates accounts within 12 hours of sign up, but usually much quicker.

Others have found these to be a very good choice for Scrapebox proxies and they even have an attractive discount code that gets you a significant discount starting out.  Unfortunately, I have not and have had to come in here and revise my initial review.  I gave these guys a shot and they blew it on so many fronts I don’t know where to start.  I placed a new order for 10 private proxies around 9 am in the morning and didn’t get proxies delivered until about 12 hours later.  I know what the terms say, but jeez – when most people order proxies, they’re looking to use them in the near future.  When I placed the order, I was very specific about needing to use the proxies for Twitter.  Upon setting up my 10 proxies, it took not 5 minutes but about 50 for them to lock to my IP address and become usable.  Then, only 8 of the 10 were live proxies – 2 dead out of the gate.   Finally, of the 8 Live proxies I was given, not 1 single one of them would allow me to connect to   I have no idea what else these proxies are good for but they’re worth about a shit sandwich for me.

So, that’s my experience with EZ Proxies.  Appears that these guys work about 1-2 hours a day and that would be in the evening U.S. time.   I have no idea whether or not I’ll get my money back from these guys but it was actually almost worth the lost investment to get a solid warning out there.   Now, I may be wrong (it happens a lot) – So, if you are an ecstatic customer of EZ Proxies (not the owner, owner’s girlfriend or other interested party…don’t even try it), please hit the comment button and give us a review and, in time, these guys can perhaps redeem themselves.    Not looking good right now, though.   As I am a marketer, I’ll always give you a link to check them out anyway (below).

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What is a Reverse Proxy Server?

Whenever the internal servers have to be hidden from the client because of security reasons, a reverse proxy server should be utilized. Either an application server or a web server can provide the proxy service needed. The reverse proxy server acts like a shield for server or servers in a network. When a request is made from the internet going to any of the servers, it passes via the proxy. The proxy in turn can deal directly on the request or send it over to various internet servers in the web. In which case, the proxy uses a load balancing. Thus, this makes the reverse proxy server the caretaker of in-bound web traffic to server or servers.

The following are the uses of reverse proxy server:

 Using the best proxy server protects server from malicious attacks, and strengthen the internal network. reverse proxy What is a Reverse Proxy Server?

 One of the proxy service provided by the reverse proxy server is being a server accelerator. When it is configured in handling the caching, the server’s workload will decrease.

 Concerning secured websites, there are instances that web server does not perform SSL encryption. Instead, it can be offloaded to the reverse proxy server with SSL acceleration hardware.

 The reverse proxy has the capability to distribute load to several servers connected in the network, which increases efficiency and minimize turnaround time. This is one way the best proxy can be identified.

 When a requested page is huge, the same can be generated and with the reverse proxy server, it can be feed little by little to the client.

 The response came from the server can be optimized and then compressed using the proxy server.

 With the proxy service, application firewall can protect from usual web-based attacks. However, in the absence of reverse proxy, the removal of malware can be difficult.

Reverse proxy servers are used commercially like aiCache, Apache HTTP Server, Traffic Server, CACHEbox, GoAnywhere Gateway and Lighttpd just to name a few. Users of the internet have to understand the way proxy works and the benefits of using them. The best proxy to be used is largely depending on the needs of the user.

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How to Find Anonymous Proxies

There are a variety of reasons why you may be looking to find anonymous proxies.  When jumping online from anyplace in the world, you may be worried about your web activities being traced.  With your IP address, someone can determine almost precisely where you are geographically as well as gain information about the type of computer and browser that you are using.  anonymous proxies 293x300 How to Find Anonymous ProxiesScary, isn’t it?  It could go even further than that – with hackers gaining access to your personal files, passwords, and even banking records.

There are other reasons for wanting anonymous proxies, however.  Many internet marketers and researchers use them to spread out their search queries among many different IP’s so that their main IP doesn’t get banned by a website, or even Google.  Someone may also use anonymous proxies to submit various promotional materials to bookmarking and social media sites under different accounts and different “pen names”.   Finally, if you’re in a spot that has restricted your browsing access for whatever reason, an anonymous proxy would help you to get around that restriction.

So, now that we know why someone may wish to grab some anonymous proxies, what are they and how do we get them?   Anonymous proxies simply mean that nothing about YOU is being passed along to the final website that you are accessing to through the proxy server.  Not your name, IP, location, etc.  Obviously, the proxy server, and whoever owns it, is going to get some of that information (your IP) so you may want to check out who that is before using them, but if your goal is to keep “anonymous” from the sites that you are visiting, this is your ticket.

How you can find anonymous proxies?  Well, you can “google it’ – but you probably already knew that.   There is paid software that you get and install on your desktop that will assign you an IP and render you “anonymous”.  The only one that I can recommend for this is PrivateProxy by Privacy Partners because I’ve used it for a long time and know that it works flawlessly.  They also offer a risk-free trial.   Finally, you can look for software that will scan the net for you for free anonymous proxies.  This is an option but not always the best one.  Your computer’s resources will be kept busy with the scanning and the “free” anonymous proxies that it pulls out for you may or may not last long as others are doing the same thing.

Depending on your reasons for needing anonymous proxies, some of these methods may be better than others.  For casual surfing, an anonymous proxy site may do the trick.  To get around blocks and change your IP on a regular basis, anonymous proxy switching software may be better.  Give them a try and come back and share what’s working best for you and under what conditions.

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About SOCKS Proxies and Why They’re Used

SOCKets or SOCKS is a sort of IP (Internet Protocol) that acts as a gateway between a client (generally you) and a server.  SOCKS proxies have similar characteristics to HTTP proxies, but take it a step further in that they are able to redirect all traffic through any proxy which includes FTP, POP3 or email, Bit Torrents among others.

As a general rule, SOCKS are considered to be the best proxy because of their features and added security.  Chief among these, and blackhat 200x300 About SOCKS Proxies and Why Theyre Usedmost popular, their ability to provide you with complete anonymity.   These sorts of proxies will protect all of your traffic, including requests for DNS.   They are additionally considered to be the most flexible and stable proxies and can be used with just about any application.   Because of this, SOCKS are often used to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  SOCKS proxies can be chained together as well, adding an even deeper layer of protection and anonymity.

Many organizations will use SOCKS firewalls for such things as testing high-level user support and security.  Because SOCKS is flexible, it may be something that works with your applications, hardware, or even a group of suppliers that you are dealing with.

Why would you need these kinds of proxies?  Well, maybe you don’t.  Ask yourself a few simple questions before searching out SOCKS proxies and paying the extra ticket price for them, to ensure that you get the best proxy for your purposes.  What is your primary purpose for getting proxies?  Is it to gain multiple IP’s to avoid search engine bans or web 2.0 bans?  If that’s the case, you may be going too far by getting SOCKS.  Are you looking for complete anonymity to do “something”?  (I’m not even going to give examples).  If so, you may want to check these out.  As for Xrumer and Scrapebox, user’s opinions vary on this.  Some use SOCKS and others do just fine with HTTPS.   On that one, ask around and consult and your wallet as well, again, to grab the best proxy for your purposes..

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Downsides to Using Free Public Proxies

Who doesn’t want something for nothing, right?  Well, free public proxies can be found all over the place.  They can give you a no free lunch 296x300 Downsides to Using Free Public Proxieschance to see what a proxy can do or just get into a blocked website without having to pay for it.  However, depending on your need for proxies the “freebies” aren’t going to get you very far.  Yes, I’m going to say it – “You get what you pay for!”

A big problem with free proxies is that they can be completely unreliable.  How many other people do you think are trying to use that same proxy server at the same time that you are?  A little suspicious perhaps that thousands of people are trying to login to Facebook, Craigslist or wherever from the same IP.

Security is also a concern.  Most free proxy services do have security measures in place but, what are you going to do if you are hacked or get a virus?  Complain?  It’s a free service!  ….and you assumed the risk by using it.    Also on the security front, you really don’t know who is running that proxy server that you’re using.  While the very large free sites are fine, like Proxify (no problem there), be very careful with small free proxy sites that just pop up out of nowhere.

Next, most large social network and other sites visited through proxies are well aware of such attempts and take measures to block those sites and/or cancel the accounts of those who try to access their services through proxies.  Yes, you can get in trouble with Paypal, EPN, and others if they suspect that your logging in through proxies,  so why would you do it through a free proxy that they obviously already know about?  Not a good idea.

Despite their “freeness” – public proxies are not always the best choice for anything other than a casual web surfer, certainly not an internet marketer.  As for which ones are the best choice, well that depends on what your needs are and which tools of the trade you are planning to use them for.   Tons of info on that here as well.

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