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MyPrivateProxy Review

mpp MyPrivateProxy Review is a brand new discovery for me and I LIKE these guys – a LOT.  Found them through the guys at TweetAttacks because I’m having some, uh issues, with Twitter…  I’m not going to say anymore about that, other than I was looking to test out some other private proxies and this is one of the guys that I signed up with – there were others (check this disaster).

MyPrivateProxy offers http/https proxies in both shared private and dedicated private proxy packages.  They offer private proxies from 8 Data Centers in 8 Major U.S. Cities and are continuing to expand.  All servers are Intel X3430 quad @ 2.40ghz or higher with 8GB of RAM and 1 Gbps dedicated connections.    Shared Private Proxy Plans start at packages of 50 for $1/proxy and get cheaper the more you order.  All of these plans feature proxies on multiple cities and multiple subnets.   Dedicated Private Proxies start with plans of just 1 proxy @ $2.49, 5 private proxies @ $2.43/each and so on.  Again, they get cheaper the more you order and all plans offer proxies on multiple cities and multiple subnets.

All sounds great so far, but here’s where MyPrivateProxy is setting themselves apart from the others in my opinion.  Set up time – next to nil.  I ordered my proxies and had them delivered in under 10 minutes.  These were “manually” set up and sent to me by these guys and I commented to them on the speed.  They told me that their current goal is to deliver all orders in under 15 minutes but that they are also working on an automated system to get you your proxies instantly.  Nice.   Also, there are two ways to authenticate your proxies with these guys.   You can do it by locking your IP in their dashboard OR you can use the proxies with the provided username and password.  This is extremely useful for people that have dynamic IP’s (ie – their IP changes all the time) so are unable to use proxies that lock to their IP.

Ok, but do they work?  Yes, they work.  I wouldn’t have written all this nice stuff if the shit didn’t work.  The proxies work great and I was able to work through a few of my, er – issues with that social site.  Speaking of, these private proxies are good for:  All the social bs – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and then the good stuff – Senuke, Sick Submitter, ZennoPoster, AnswerAssault, TweetAttacks, Craigslist (possible only).  You can do webmailing with these but not smtp mailing.  The only other restrictions are NO Xrumer, torrents, Fraud, or Porn.

Finally, with dedicated private proxies, you are able to switch out once per month which is a must-have feature for most.  Also, MyPrivateProxy has a really great Knowledgebase set up and a ton of how to videos that I’ve already made use of.    …And, even though I’m a brand new customer, once I told him how important I am (wait….what!?!), he gave me a killer discount code to share with all of you – Gives 10% OFF for LIFE.  Here’s the Code:  bestproxyreviews

Ok – so hit the button below to give these guys some business and…pleeeeze….don’t forget to come here and share your review with us.

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Best Proxy and VPN Review

 Best Proxy and VPN Review

Best Proxy and VPN are a new(er) private proxies and  VPN provider that deals in exclusive private proxies and VPN service.

Private Proxies are http and socks proxies – Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets, Nonsequential IPs, There are 8 International IP Locations and 8 U.S. locations.   Unlimited bandwidth. Webmailing allowed with Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail but not on Port 80.  Prices for Dedicated start at $3.72/each, smallest package is 1 proxy per month, going up to 6 per month for $23/month.  There are subscriptions as large as 1000 proxies per month, weekly proxy subscriptions and even a special “gamers proxies” packages.  Monthly VPN accounts start at just $5.97.

You are given a VIP Customer interface that will allow you to view/add/remove and modify your proxies and can switch your proxies to new ones once per month.   Obviously, you are fine to use these with Scrapebox and any Web 2.0 sites.  There are no specific exclusions for Xrumer use although they will close your account for any “abuse complaints”.  Craigslist is possible if you have a PVA account.

Best  Proxy and VPN sets up new accounts very quickly, usually within 30 minutes.  They also have excellent support and a great library of tutorials for it’s clients.  Customers are eligible to “Double Their Proxies” by submitting a video tutorial to add to their library. Check them out and come back to share your review.


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The Concept of Private Proxies

For an individual to understand fully what private proxies are, it is essential to talk about the faultfinding component of the computer networking capacity commonly known as the IP. Any people have heard about it but they do not know what it really entails.

Whenever a person connects to a web and goes to a website, he or she opens up the computer system to several internet hackers around the globe. This is an undisputed fact because each time an individual enters the site’s web address, it immediately sends signal from the computer being used in a form of an IP address. Every personal computer has its own IP address. This IP looks like a serial number. The IP of the computer must be sent out for the web that is being accessed to send back the required information. Therefore, it is used to link the user to different websites in order to access information being searched for in the net.

Because of IP address, internet hackers and scammers can successfully trace the user’s personal computer and by chance accessing it without a permission and knowledge of the user. For instance, chances are some of personal information can be hacked such as financial information. Nobody will wish or like these incidents to happen to them. In this regard, private proxies sound all right!

This is how private proxies sound sensible. A web proxy is in a way of an intermediary that conceals the IP address in the internet players’ remaining portion. Therefore, when a person visits a website, before the PC the person is using sends out an application for the access to the website, the IP address is initially sent to the proxy server this application to the deserved Website. Consequently, the website gives the requested information back through the proxy then for the user. By this, users are protecting their PCs from any kind of internet threat created by scammers and hackers.

There are two types of proxy. They include the free proxies and the private proxies. Free proxies are highly inconsistent and several people depend on them. There are extremely slow and system downtime is a common thing in them. On the other hand, private proxies are much quicker, almost none if not none system downtime and very accurate.

Apart from the protection that private proxies offer against online scammers and hackers, they also allow the user to access websites, which are actually not accessible in some of their local areas. This is good especially when the users’ network is mostly restricted by their network providers or source. This is because there are some sites that exist in different geographical locations which users are not supposed or allowed to access.

Several private proxy providers are available widely on the internet. Some of these proxy providers have big names such as and myprivateproxy. More and more options for the best private proxies are all over the internet. However, it is advisable to be very careful when selecting an exclusive private proxy provider since private proxies are always bought.

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A proxy service is service that makes someone anonymous while surfing the internet online. The service allows browsing the internet when hiding one’s information that websites can use to identify the person. It’s a strategy that allows browsers to hide their identity from the websites they are visiting..A server that uses a proxy can help users to surf anonymously on the web

A proxy service provides anonymous web surfing by disabling popup windows and cookies and hides the users IP address. They service normally uses a proxy server for processing each HTTP request. When a person requests for information from a particular site by typing a URL or clicking on a hyperlink, the service retrieves the information and displays it using their own server. The requested web page or the remote server gets information of the anonymous web surfing service instead of getting the user’s information. Websites being visited often gathers information like the type of OS the user is using and the type of browsing program that the user is using. Using anonymous services will help in hiding the details from the websites. The service works by putting a barrier between a user and the site they are visiting. Users who are monitored by their organization on their surfing ways often use this service to hide their details.

Proxy services are commonly used to hide the users information to enhance privacy or to help a user bypass a blocking application that would not allow access to a web page or part of it. The service can make a person feel more secure when surfing and prevent web pages from gathering one’s information that can be collected and used to tailor content for advertising to suit the user. Examples of search services include anonymizer and safe web.

Though the proxy services offer privacy and allow one to access blocked site, they come with limitations. The proxy servers have to first send the user’s information to their servers making surfing slow. Also the proxy tries to bypass software that is suspicious and this prevents some elements on the page from loading. Proxy servers can also be a security hazard when surfing since private information such as details of a credit card and passwords are sent using an external server which can be easily retrieved by someone else if the channel is not encrypted. Some add-ons like the flash player and java plug ins can reveal the users IP address even when they are browsing anonymously.

Users chose to use a proxy service if…

One lives abroad and the data they want to access is restricted to users in a certain country

The user wants to hide their information from being collected by web pages which use it for tailoring advertisements

The organization where the user works restricts access to certain websites which the user needs to access

The user wants to access classified information discreetly

Users using proxy services while surfing have many reasons to use the service and it all depends on the user

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More About Exclusive Proxies and Their Uses

Exclusive proxies are critical for consumers who would like to conceal their real web IPs (Internet Protocol) and remain nameless. A majority of internet service providers normally resell their IPs by making use of private proxy servers. As such, by paying a small amount, you get an IP address along with password as well as login. These three components will allow you to remain unidentified online whilst browsing the internet. What’s more is that, you can even configure your own proxy that is private at a fraction of the price. Therefore, if you would like to know more about proxy service, then you will find this article quite an interesting read.

Whilst renting out the exclusive proxies, most consumers are occasionally told that they are the only ones utilizing the IP address, even though there are other people who are using the same address. This in turn not only affects the surfing speeds, but also provides low levels of inconspicuousness.

What is the role of proxies in IP address sharing?

The real level of inconspicuousness in exclusive proxies is minimized considerably when consumers split their IP addresses with other online users. This usually occurs when online users have no idea with what to do with their IP addresses.

Whenever online users have their very own special proxy service, they get an approximate on the number of individuals using the address and the extent of secrecy.

If you put a lot of significance on being nameless on the web, do not try to take shortcuts. The best means through which you can remain totally faceless whilst still adhering to your financial plan is by creating you very own proxy server which is private.

By doing so, you will not only be getting your investment’s worth, but also a one-of-a-kind proxy service which provides the best operation at high secrecy.

Advantages of exclusive proxy servers

For a real online unsigned encounter, these forms of proxies are the only alternative. This is because they are not compelled by restrictions, particularly when it comes to the number of folks that are using them, whilst leasing from others.

Nothing can match to the facelessness plus quality of proxy servers which are exclusive. You can try to ping them to try and verify the connection speed between the exclusive proxies and home PC. This is critical as speeds play a major role in the dependability of a proxy service. Hence, if you want the best proxy, insist on a test IP from your internet service provider.

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Different Types of Proxies Technologies

There are a number of proxy technologies available and people often fail to realize the best ones. There is a misconception that a best proxy can be useful as well as be equally harmful with lack of complete knowledge. This miscommunication regarding available proxy technologies on the web is surprising. If you tend to understand their working and significance, you can try to avoid what harmful aspects it may bring in.

Best proxy

The proxy is an intermediate system that is placed in between the websites and the user. If you are visiting certain websites and even just trying to bypass certain information or content on the websites, you are not aware that you are sending the data pertaining to this to the proxy server. Here comes the knowledge and the trust of the user towards the proxy server. Proxy servers are set up with a different perception of protecting access to some websites and restricting access to certain content on the web. Sometimes it is just done to regulate the visiting content of the user. An anonymous proxy server does reconstruct the content packets with different IP addresses for example. A hostile proxy is a server that tries to break into the content to use your information to the benefit of their own. The transparent type of proxy does not try to change and hide the addresses.

The best proxy server is a system that restricts the access to certain websites that are not supposed to be visited in context to breach of information and does not try to misuse the data that you send to them. The best proxy is even the one that gives security and even deletes your data with your trust towards them that their content is not in harmful hands. There are very few options available to the choice of a proxy server in the case of the environment you are in. it may be a catching proxy like in a school or a work environment which aims at restricting access and even tracking the usage.

Anonymous Proxy

Anonymous proxies are online proxies that allow you to access all sites which may be blocked by another proxy. It is safe as it does not try to misuse your data when you access the sites using this. The selection of an Anonymous proxy should be done carefully to not be cheated by some online proxy server. It uses your IP address effectively to not leave any history behind. it is not a way to view sites illegally, but in some types of environments even genuine websites are blocked for use. So to view and use them such Anonymous proxies come to be very handy. The technique used is duplication of IP in which re routing of request takes place so your original proxy takes it to be from another address allowing you to access sites virtually. The servers that offer the services of a proxy and let you access blocked websites are hence called Anonymous proxies.

The best proxy is very clear now and Anonymous proxies can act as best even in presence of a proxy service by your ISP (internet service provider)

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The best proxy is an intermediate server that allows you access only certain sites that are not blocked and also handles your data not to your disadvantage. Private proxies are often tries to be used which maybe even in the form of many ads on a single webpage. The proxy serves should be dealt with importance in relation to data scraping.

Scraping with private proxies

The data scraping is just the collection of data in the public domain which is accessible as per conditions defined. If suitable it may even access private data. The use of this is that they are kept in spreadsheets and can be dynamically called online for their use in the applications. Data scrapers hence try to target websites that have not barred certain IP addresses to access their content. This process can be used much to the advantage of an organization too. In the case in which the IP’s are restricted, different IP addresses are used to gather data from websites. Private proxies are used as a medium to achieve data scrapping. They use the same multiple IP harvesting scheme and thus you need to have them to do it yourself.

Role of Private proxies

There are a lot of private proxies that can be made to be used in combination with the multiple IP addresses to perform data scrapping. But it is better to use the choice of opting for a company that professionally does this for you. Anonymizer and scrapegoat are a few to start with. You can even try to rent for a proxy that rotates in a large number of addresses. There are many sources providing the resources for these. The advantage is that you get to use a customized scraping program instead of trying to do it in the generic way. It is so important to choose the right proxy as the private proxy because it should be trusted with the data you will be dealing with. The private proxy must be trusted enough to handle your sensitive data and not use that against you. A best proxy will never let you face the reach of your content getting worked out to your own disadvantage. The organizations dealing with data scraping using know the technical glitches and are careful with the process. They even have you receive the data in a variety of formats that you could wish for. The scraping success in relation to the proxy concerns a private proxy that works as the best proxy that you could plan for.

The use of your own proxy can lead to problems related to your own IP and hence should be avoided. You could make use of a private proxy. Some people even try to gain access to a list of private IP’s to use them effectively to re route in the process of scraping and anonymity. The general idea is to achieve scraping through a proxy which lets you scrape data even from an IP restricted environment using private proxies.

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What is a proxy service? If you are in an institution or a work place where some sites are blocked, you agree with me that it is more often than not, very frustrating. However, it is pretty easy to unblock such sites by the simple use of proxies. The proxy sites are primarily defined as a connection that is three-way, between one’s own computer and the destination site. It permits you to bypass firewalls quickly and easily go through the network filters that are the main cause of inaccessibility to the blocked sites. It does this by removing the IP address and offering you a brand new one. It also allows you to mask a number of browsing adventures by preventing firewalls from blocking the sites you want to visit.

The major disadvantage with the proxy service is the fact that they can only be used temporarily given that they have a span of four to eight weeks. If you are firewall to internet 300x107 Using Proxy Sites to Bypass Network Firewalls and Filterswondering of where to find the proxy sites, the internet has all the solutions that you are looking for. All you have to do is visit the proxy top lists as well as joins the proxy group newsletter for fresh proxies.

This way, you will always get some proxies that are delivered to your email inbox daily. The good thing about a proxy service is the fact that, due to the different IP address that is usually given, one usually appears to be connecting from another place other than where they actually are. For anonymous browsing, one can make use of the anonymous proxies. This way, one can comfortably surf the internet without necessarily spending a single cent. With such proxies, you can bypass the firewalls to protect your privacy online in the areas where internet access is restricted such as schools and other workplaces.

A proxy service is a type of program which runs on a server and permits other administrators to puddle the connection of internet. A Proxy server filters websites and checks all the activities of the internet. All the internet connections on network are pooled by this service. It finds out all the websites and also checks out the users who can have access to that connectivity. It is in the hands of an administrator who can give permission to some of the websites and some sites can get blocked by them. This kind of a service has many benefits like it can fasten up the connection of the internet; it makes the user access all the sites rapidly.

Proxy servers keep the accessed websites in a cache form to make it easy for the user to access the site instead of querying those pages again. This server improves the performance of the users. A proxy server is on the same network and so the operation becomes faster. This service has some features which gives benefits. Administrators can check for the sites which are filled up with virus and can remove that site and can protect the website. They can also find out threats to a particular network. Know about the proxy service.

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Proxy Hosting For Beginners

There are various reasons why you may want to have a personal proxy site. This could be for safety concerns when using public ones or maybe because of your desire to have a proxy business. This can give you a source of income. As such, you could be looking for the best proxy that you can use in your businesses. It is possible to do some research on the Internet and find anonymous proxies that you can download.

The best proxy sites are so many and there are various tools as well. Here when you request a website, it will directly go to the other proxy rather than another website; so a proxy server is good enough. There are lots of proxy sites available like anonymouse, cip-c, you are hidden, maximum proxy, the proxy bay, nr 1surf, better unblock, MySpace unblocker, bypass MySpace, proxy 108, top10 proxy, pinksocks, vgy7 and many more.

proxy hosting Proxy Hosting For Beginners

There are a lot of anonymous proxies that one can download and install on their local servers. However, many people are faced with the problem of finding where they can host their first proxy. For beginners, proxy hosting looks like a main challenge. This is because they have to deal with factors such as bandwidth, server types and the price. As such, knowing how to pick the best hosting services is very important.

Getting the best proxy hosting company

There are many hosting companies available for beginners. However, evaluating their services requires one to consider the following;

  • Bandwidth: Find out the traffic that is allowed every month. For a new proxy that expects about 100 to 300 visits per day, 50GB is appropriate.
  • Customer reviews: You should also consider customer reviews when looking for the best company. Find out what customers feel about the host. Find out their views about reliability and server uptime of the hosting company.
  • Price: You should also consider the posting fee charged by the company. Consider charges such as those of domain registration, set up cost, service charges, among others. You can also take advantage of any coupon codes that the company could be offering.

It is used for uploading and downloading the files, search engine optimization etc. There are lot many proxy tools which can be more useful like proxyfire, yvproxycacheman, aaa cc proxyserver, proxylist proxychecker, sniffer, netproxy, proxycap, proxy list proxy tool, ezproxy, elite http proxy etc. The advantage of a proxy is that you can access the web anonymously with an unknown IP address. Thus, these tools are very useful. There is a proxy site extension for Google chrome also. Some of the proxies can work for all kinds of sites. As it is directly connected to a proxy, browsing becomes slower. Some of the open proxies can be unsafe, not consistent and slow; so try to use good proxy sites which can give effective services.

Generally, beginners can get anonymous proxies and come up with quality proxy sites. They can then use a shared plan after carefully evaluating various hosting companies based on their bandwidth, policy and customer reviews among others. You need to consider the above points when looking for the best proxy hosting company.

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The Secret to Finding a Fast HTTP Proxy

What is the secret to finding the best proxy? Locating the best http proxy service on the web is relatively simple to accomplish. Spend a little while using any leading search engine such as Google or Yahoo and you will discover a lot of http as well as other types of proxy services to utilize. Nonetheless, you will within no time discover that not every proxy service is dependable.

Whist shopping for the best proxy service, you need to familiarize yourself with the following:best proxies 300x202 The Secret to Finding a Fast HTTP Proxy

-        Factors that makes a proxy server swift.

-        How to identify a dependable proxy service online.

The main cause why a majority of proxy servers are not swift is because they are provided for free. Whereas free is not all the time terrible, the biggest issue with free proxies is that users tend to abuse them. The abuse rises when several users attempt to utilize the proxy at the same moment. It is important to note that proxies have restrictions on just how many individuals plus weight they can manage at any given time. If there are a lot of people that are trying to utilize the proxy at the same time, chances are that it will become sluggish and unresponsive.

To circumvent this issue, there are three options available to you. The first option is to be always on the lookout for new http proxy service. Spend at least one hour on a daily basis searching for new proxies. Whilst this requires a lot of time on your side, it is the only way through which you can guarantee that you have a swift and dependable proxy server which is free. The second option is to configure your own proxy. Nevertheless, it is point to point out that this will cost you a small amount of investment.

If you are fed up of squandering time searching for proxies on a daily basis, another alternative would be to configure your own http proxy service. This is much simpler than it sounds. But it comes at a price. Configuring your own http proxy will cost you roughly $10.00 per month. However, what is the benefit of creating your own http proxy service? By doing so, you will be receiving a superfast and dependable proxy server.

Finally, just buy a private proxy subscription from a good proxy service (read our reviews) that gives you access to your very own exclusive http proxies.  This ensures that you are the only person that is allowed to use these proxies, as you are paying for them, and you should be able to get an uptime guarantee and speed test results as well.  This is, in reality, what most people do who have a recurring need for good, fast http and https proxies.  Using an exclusive http proxy server is similar to using your personal PC to browse the web. This is because the surfing speeds are relatively the same.

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Many internet users have benefited from the wide variety of information in the internet and most of them have made the internet their learning tool. However, browsing will only be possible if you use that best proxy and ensure the proxy servers are functioning as required.  A proxy is the concept used by proxy server to work on behalf another server to provide information, and other resources to the web user. To get the difference between a proxy and a proxy server, this article will deal with the issue separately.

About Proxies

This is the concept which allows a computer user to chat with friends on FaceBook and at the same time he or she will want to hop online anytime she or he wants unnoticed by any other user. There are a variety of proxies which you should know about and they include the following.

PHP Proxy – these is a type of proxy which uses a written script in PHP to get information from the available server and then ensure that it is available for the user whilst it protects the main server.

CGI proxy –  this type allows the internet user to use website to search for information on a certain URL. It will hide your IP address of your computer behind the site you are using. Hence, they are also used to unblock websites or search secretly.

HTTP proxy –  it is the commonly used type of proxy and works with the internet users effectively and reliably. It uses caching process and also stores the pages which have been opened. It is useful when it comes to improving the speed of accessing information online. They are also expensive to purchase and to set up.

Proxies  can be used in educational, corporate or library environment where lot of web content filtering is required and if you disable proxy there is no way you can connect LAN to internet servers.private proxy servers The Differences Between a Proxy and a Proxy Server

About proxy server

A Proxy server is the machine which accepts the information requested by website users and directs them to the location where he or she will access them easily. Proxy servers are the linking factor of the internet and they keep the computer and the web location server separate. They can also be used to prevent internet crimes by ensuring that surfing is safe and at the highest level. There are various types of proxy servers,

Transparent proxy server – it is a proxy server which the other computers about the IP address of your computer or the computer you are using.

Anonymous proxy server – this proxy server will not allow other computer to know the IP address of the computer which is using a certain proxy server to access information and make other requests.

Lastly, proxy servers are able to handle requests using some communication protocol and they should be proxy service enabled.

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