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YourPrivateProxy.com offers a simplified subscription service of Dedicated Private Proxies.  If you are purchasing a package of multiple proxies, they will be located in multiple cities and on multiple subnets.  With a new account, you will be given a VIP user control panel.  You will be able to randomize and change your proxies, including their locations, with this control panel once per month.

Private Proxy packages start at $9.97/month for 1 IP.  A great thing about YourPrivateProxy is that there are no bandwidth limitations with the proxies and no additional configuration required from you after purchase.  They are simply ready to be used.  As for WHERE they can be used, the options are pretty good as well.  Scrapebox is definitely OK.  Xrumer is NOT.   The proxies from this provider are good to be used on “Phone Verified” Craigslist accounts, ebay, Reddit and other social sites.  They are not ok to be used for Mailing campaigns.

As for the review, yourprivateproxy.com gets top marks from many Scrapebox users for the quality and speed of their private proxies.  The feature that allows for monthly randomization and the lack of bandwidth constraints is also very popular.  If you’re looking for the cheapest private proxies, these aren’t it.  However, if you’re looking for quality and speed to get the optimum results with your software, YPP is where a lot of people end up.   Service has never been an issue with yourprivateproxy to date, however, if you are looking for Xrumer proxies you’ll have to skip this one.

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