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TrustedProxies Trusted Proxies Review

Trusted Proxies is a private proxy subscription service that is best used for SEM purposes and the service is, in fact, targeted to Internet Marketers.  Proxies are located worldwide and in multiple U.S. locations and are optimized for “Web Scraping Software”, SEO software uses and apps that require multiple proxy uses in parallel.

It is important to note, however, that although the services are marketed to IMer’s, they are not marketed to “Black Hatters”.  No Black Hat SEO activities, ie – forum spamming (xrumer), mass mailing, Craigslist posting, etc. allowed.

There are both Shared (they call it “Virtual”) and Dedicated Proxies available here, starting at $30/month for 5 shared U.S. proxies or $50/month for 5 Dedicated U.S. Proxies.   There are no bandwidth caps on the Dedicated proxies but the Shared proxies are capped at 6GB/proxy per month. They also have some Geo-Targeted Proxy Server Plans wherein you can choose a specific Country or even Metropolitan area for your proxy server and can pay for that as a Shared or Dedicated Proxy as well.

Trusted Proxies gets high ratings for speed from many Sling Box users who subscribe to their service.  Aside from that, they have a targeted audience and the Geo-Targeted Proxy Server Plans are very unique for anyone that needs a dedicated presence in a specific area.  Trust Proxies also offers a Free Trial Subscription for 7 Days to their 5 Proxy Server Virtual Hyper-Threading Plan so that you can try it out before you buy.

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