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SquidProxies SquidProxies Review

Squid Proxies are a great deal and popular with the IMer’s.  If you’re looking exclusively for Scrapebox Proxies, this may be a fantastic place for you to check out! These guys specialize in Scrapebox and even have relationships with some of the Scrapebox forums out there.

Shared Private Proxies are in Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets, Nonsequential IPs and you get unlimited bandwidth.  Webmailing is allowed with Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail.  Prices for Shared start at $0.80/each, smallest package is 100 proxies – $80/month.

Private Proxies are same deal – Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets, Nonsequential IPs, Unlimited bandwidth. Webmailing allowed with Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail.  Prices for Dedicated start at $2.40/each, smallest package is 10 proxies – $24/month.

There are 6 U.S. Locations + Romania.  You are given a VIP Customer interface that will allow you to view/add/remove and modify your proxies and can switch your proxies to new ones once per month.   Obviously, you are fine to use these with Scrapebox and any Web 2.0 sites.  There are no specific exclusions for Xrumer use.  Craigslist is possible if you have a PVA account.  Squidproxies is a great proxy service that has an every-growing reputation for taking care of it’s customers.  That’s why they remain one of our top picks after several years.  Check them out and come back to share your review.

Update: Squid Proxies has given us a Discount Code for our readers that gives you  20% on any Proxy Service package – For LIFE!  This is a recurring discount and it tops any other discount you’ll find on the web – guaranteed!  This is still one of the best deals on private proxies on the net.   Grab it now!  Squid Proxies Discount Codetrix20

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