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PacketFlip PacketFlip Review

PacketFlip proxy service provides subscription based Shared and Dedicated Anonymous HTTP proxies.  Proxies from PacketFlip are intended for anonymous web browsing and many software applications but there are restrictions.  Proxies cannot be used with either Xrumer software or Scrapebox to Comment and they also give a list of websites that cannot be accessed with their proxies (listed above).  They CAN be used with Scrapebox for scraping, however. There is also no mailing of any kind permitted.

All proxies are in the U.S. and Shared Private Proxy subscriptions start with groups of 100 proxies at $100/month.  Dedicated/Exclusive proxies start with groups of 25 proxies at $50/month.  Private Proxies are spread amongst multiple subnets, the number depending on your package, and proxies can only be changed on the Dedicated Accounts at a rate of once per month.

The proxies that are used are not fresh, never before used IP addresses.  Free trials are permitted upon request.

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