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MyPrivateProxy.net is a brand new discovery for me and I LIKE these guys – a LOT.  Found them through the guys at TweetAttacks because I’m having some, uh issues, with Twitter…  I’m not going to say anymore about that, other than I was looking to test out some other private proxies and this is one of the guys that I signed up with – there were others (check this disaster).

MyPrivateProxy offers http/https proxies in both shared private and dedicated private proxy packages.  They offer private proxies from 8 Data Centers in 8 Major U.S. Cities and are continuing to expand.  All servers are Intel X3430 quad @ 2.40ghz or higher with 8GB of RAM and 1 Gbps dedicated connections.    Shared Private Proxy Plans start at packages of 50 for $1/proxy and get cheaper the more you order.  All of these plans feature proxies on multiple cities and multiple subnets.   Dedicated Private Proxies start with plans of just 1 proxy @ $2.49, 5 private proxies @ $2.43/each and so on.  Again, they get cheaper the more you order and all plans offer proxies on multiple cities and multiple subnets.

All sounds great so far, but here’s where MyPrivateProxy is setting themselves apart from the others in my opinion.  Set up time – next to nil.  I ordered my proxies and had them delivered in under 10 minutes.  These were “manually” set up and sent to me by these guys and I commented to them on the speed.  They told me that their current goal is to deliver all orders in under 15 minutes but that they are also working on an automated system to get you your proxies instantly.  Nice.   Also, there are two ways to authenticate your proxies with these guys.   You can do it by locking your IP in their dashboard OR you can use the proxies with the provided username and password.  This is extremely useful for people that have dynamic IP’s (ie – their IP changes all the time) so are unable to use proxies that lock to their IP.

Ok, but do they work?  Yes, they work.  I wouldn’t have written all this nice stuff if the shit didn’t work.  The proxies work great and I was able to work through a few of my, er – issues with that social site.  Speaking of, these private proxies are good for:  All the social bs – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and then the good stuff – Senuke, Sick Submitter, ZennoPoster, AnswerAssault, TweetAttacks, Craigslist (possible only).  You can do webmailing with these but not smtp mailing.  The only other restrictions are NO Xrumer, torrents, Fraud, or Porn.

Finally, with dedicated private proxies, you are able to switch out once per month which is a must-have feature for most.  Also, MyPrivateProxy has a really great Knowledgebase set up and a ton of how to videos that I’ve already made use of.    …And, even though I’m a brand new customer, once I told him how important I am (wait….what!?!), he gave me a killer discount code to share with all of you – Gives 10% OFF for LIFE.  Here’s the Code:  bestproxyreviews

Ok – so hit the button below to give these guys some business and…pleeeeze….don’t forget to come here and share your review with us.

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