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LimeProxies LimeProxies Review

LimeProxies provides private proxies for use with many social media sites and software applications.   They offer Private shared Proxies, Private Dedicated Proxies and International Proxies.  LimeProxies are not Socks5 proxies but are on multiple subnets and multiple geographic locations – 14+ locations.

Shared Proxies start in packs of 50 proxies, Covering 2 Cities, Multiple Subnets and IP Classes, at $60/month.  Private Dedicated Proxies start in Packs of 15 proxies, Covering 4 Cities, Multiple Subnets and IP Classes, at $49.97/month – or $30/month if paid by the quarter.  Limproxies proxy service offers a free IP replacement guarantee and guarantees speeds of 100 mbps.

Sites that are permitted for use with LimeProxies include: Facebook, Google, BBC, Craigslist and other Web 2.0 sites.  Scrapebox and Xrumer use are strictly prohibited, as is mass mailing campaigns.    Customers of LimeProxies are quite satisfied for the most part with speed and service and one of the sales points is that they only provide fresh “new” proxies to their customers.  There isn’t, however, a clause about being able to turnover and refresh your proxies monthly so, likely that would only come into play if you were to have one banned and then could get a replacement under their guarantee.

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