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DankProxies Dank Proxies Review

Dank Proxies provides subscription-based lists of both Shared and Dedicated Private Proxies.  Proxies are listed as “fully anonymous” and on “multiple datacenters” but there are no specifics as to how many datacenters they actually have.  If you hit the “Check Status” button on their homepage, it appears that they have 3 Datacenters.  The actual server status, however, never shows up.

Shared Private Proxies start in packs of 25 proxies, multiple cities, multiple subnets, at $29/month.  Dedicated Private Proxies start with 1 Proxy at $9/month and 5 Proxies at $19/month.   Clients are given a proxy changer tool software program that allows them to change their IP with the click of a button if using the proxies for web browsing purposes.  Bandwidth usage is listed as “fair use”, which again is vague.   IPs are not replaced monthly or at all.  If this is desired, a special license can be requested.

The TOS page for the site is non-functional (404) but Dank Proxies states that their proxies can be used for Craigslist and “scraping”.  There are no specific exclusions for Scrapebox or Xrumer on their site.  There are, however, numerous service and quality complaints about Dank Proxies on many forums from former unhappy customers.  If you decide to give this proxy service a shot, consider it just that – a trial run.  Let us know how it goes.

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