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Anonymous-Proxies.net provides both Private Proxies and VPNs.   Connections are fully anonymous and 99% service uptime is guaranteed.  There are no shared proxies here.

The private proxies from AnonymousProxies start at $2.50/each but are quickly discounted on a sliding scale from 5%-30% based on volume of proxies purchased.   Proxies with this proxy service have only a few restrictions on use – no spam, illegal use, and they are blocked from use with Torrents, Gmail Account Creation/Access, Xrumer and Paypal.com.  There are no provisions specifically restricting their use with Scrapebox.  VPNs start at $5.00/each per month but also are discounted per a sliding scale from 5%-30$ based on volume.  VPNs are restricted from use with Torrents only.

Proxies are http/https protocol and you have the ability to chose the proxies by city, state and country when you sign up. There are currently 12 U.S. Datacenters, 1 in Canada, 1 UK and 1 in Germany.   Proxies can be refreshed once per month and bandwidth is unlimited.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee however, it doesn’t apply if you’ve been using the proxies.

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