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SEO-Proxies sells only Dedicated HTTP/HTTPS and Socks Private proxies that are all U.S.-based.  Using their unique web tool, you are able to switch your proxies and proxy type (HTTP(s) to Socks) with the click of a button.  Their API is generally integrated with your web browser (Firefox only) and these proxies do NOT come in list format, although this is promised in the future.  This means that these are not the sort of proxies that you can drop into one of your software applications.

The proxies are high speed (100 megabit) and are considered to be “Elite”, meaning that your IP address is not sent in the HTTP headers so the destination webserver cannot tell that you are coming in through a proxy.  Bandwidth is considered “fair use” and is not to be abused.  Craigslist posting is generally fine if you have a PVA.

The service is great for anonymous surfing and web 2.0.  It cannot be used for mailing, Xrumer or Scrapebox.  The smallest license offered is 1 Proxy at $9.99/month.  10 Proxies are $59.99/month. They do have a free 30 minute license to test the services.

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